The State Of The Magazine: Update

From the desk of the Editor

Good morning, Planets Nu! We’re back!

We had a post-Christmas hiatus planned here at the Mag in order to permit both Talespin and myself to focus on other, pressing projects. While Talespin’s schooling is going well, I regret to say that the release of my book continues to be delayed. As well, and much to my personal disappointment, the planned guest contributor failed to materialize, and we’re left with a script for a lengthy Planets comic strip and some samples but no actual art.

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The Cognitium War: Troika Table

The Cognitium War is in its final turns, with players beginning to succumb to Accelerated Fight Or Fail and the final results of the game approaching certainty. Not long ago, I sat down with the three primary members of the surviving soon-to-be victorious alliance, and we spoke a bit about the game. The substance of that discussion follows.

(Editor’s Note: As always, we’ve edited this. The substance of what was said is unchanged, but some context is always, regrettably, removed for length and readability.)

Zacha, Morgens, and Fexer, welcome to the Forum. Thanks for joining me.

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You should all know by now that we’re mailing out mugs to all of our Planets Magazine Classic Invitational Tournament participants. (Thanks to a generous — and anonymous — player, some of the cost of doing this has been donated.) What you may not realize is that we’re also sending out a physical trophy to the final victor.

Of course, that’s just an idea of what it might look like. We’re still fiddling with the design.

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The First Planets Magazine Invitational

The first Planets Magazine Classic Invitational has now been launched, and the champions are assembling. Top players from Planets Nu, both past and present, have been sent invitations to join, and as soon as the game is full it will begin. is well underway as of this writing, and we’re getting ready to start the second one.

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