The State Of The Magazine: Update

From the desk of the Editor

Good morning, Planets Nu! We’re back!

We had a post-Christmas hiatus planned here at the Mag in order to permit both Talespin and myself to focus on other, pressing projects. While Talespin’s schooling is going well, I regret to say that the release of my book continues to be delayed. As well, and much to my personal disappointment, the planned guest contributor failed to materialize, and we’re left with a script for a lengthy Planets comic strip and some samples but no actual art.

In the middle of this, COVID struck again; for the second time in a year, my household was virtually shut down for a full month. My brain is gradually losing its fogginess — again — but it’s a process. It takes time.

But today, I’m pleased to announce that, with the passage of some of that time, we’re on the verge of starting back up again. We have new content ready for the presses, some of which we’re quite excited about. We have a few more of the Articles Of War queued up; Talespin’s done a lovely piece on minefields; The Operative has another job on. Things here at the Mag are starting to look up again.

We’re still woefully behind in several areas — I’m looking right now at the last two replacement mugs, all packaged and ready to ship, waiting only for me to be well enough to leave the house — and it’s likely that we’ll have trouble if we try to get back to our one-article-a-week rate. But we’re still here, still excited about Planets Nu, and still eager to tell all about it to anyone who will listen.

So stay tuned! Good things are coming!

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