Congratulations! It’s Over!

No, not 2021, although that’s over too. No, I’m talking about the first Planets Magazine Classic Invitational, which ended shortly before the year did at 149 turns. And our winner is…

…wait for it…

…MEGALOMANIAC!!! Congratulations!

Some of you may have noticed in the Events that Mega allied for the win; while this is technically true, we incorporated that option not as an alternate victory condition but instead as a way to end the game early should the players vote to do so. Second place is still First Loser. Which is fine; these games are all high level, and it’s an honor just to be chosen. Which, incidentally, is why every player is entitled to receive a free commemorative coffee mug just for joining.

And, in case you’ve forgotten, our winner will receive…

Thumbprints certified genuine.

…THIS fabulous etched-glass trophy, suitable for display on desk, shelf, or on the wall of his Captain’s Ready Room. Up to him; once it’s out of our hands, he can use it to level his clothes dryer if he wants. It’s his to do with as he will.

To everyone who contributed to the prize fund: Thanks so much! These mugs didn’t print themselves, and they certainly don’t mail themselves. Same goes for the trophies. We’ve managed to lay in a trophy stockpile that will neatly cover the next couple of tournaments; the mugs, maybe not so much.

(As always, our PayPal link is still open, and the fees there are marginally lower.)

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