The Operative: Founder’s Landing

Founder’s Landing Recap – All Season One Episodes!

Did you miss the beginning of the Operative’s journey or an episode in the middle?

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Founder’s Landing – Season One


2200 The Operative uses his bag of tricks to pass unseen on the streets of Founder's Landing.

2210 A run-in with an old acquaintance threatens to unmask the Operative.

2225 Serving the law reveals an interesting tidbit of information.

2300 The Operative drops in on his employer.


Midnight The Employer offers a lucrative, but highly mysterious, job.

0115 The Operative receives the package and learns that it teases more questions than answers.

0230 The need for an illegal favor leads the Operative to the Forum.

Morning The Operative transforms himself as he prepares to go undercover.

Noon Disguised as an officer, the Operative puts himself at risk as he seeks information.

Afternoon Arrangements are made and the Cypress Club is the place to meet.

Nightfall After seeking the help of Eddie Deuce, the Operative becomes more suspicious of something big going down in Founder's Landing.

2100 The job is set for this night and the Operative puts a team together.

2200 A raid and a complication: Can the Operative escape?

2245 A little help from a friend and the Operative returns to his hideout to carry out his plans.

2255 The Operative's past catches up with him and it may just take his life.

2310 The plan is coming together but, when the pieces of the puzzle start to come together, the Operative realizes what's really going on.

2325 As chaos erupts in Founder's Landing, the Operative's team leaves orbit.

2350 The one last leap to deliver the package. Is it really worth it?


Past Midnight The Operative attempts a daring zero-gravity maneuver.

0100 The package is delivered, but at what cost?

Author’s Note: For this release, I’ve gone through the series and polished things up a bit. There’s some added description, a few minor characters pick up a bit of dialogue, and so on. After a little while, I’m planning to take the whole series offline, tear it apart, and turn it into the very first sci-fi novel officially set in the Echo Cluster. To that end, if you have any feedback, feel free to send me a PM via my Planets Nu account — something with a bit more substance than “I hated it!!!” please.

Thanks, as always, to Talespin for doing a ton of the hard work assembling these things. We wouldn’t be here without him. -G

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