PlanetsCon LIVE 2022

It’s that time again, people! PlanetsCon cometh!

PlanetsCon LIVE is in its fourth year!  PCL is an online, streamed presentation about various aspects of  It’s produced by the players, for the players.  Our community is full of knowledge and the presentations and discussions aim to share it with all players at all levels of play.  

Join us LIVE on December 3, 2022 starting at 5:00 P.M. UTC to watch and participate!

Here are some of the sessions to watch for:

  • “How To Use An Infinite Amount Of Time To Do A Turn” by Commander Koski
  • A walkthru of the beta mobile UI by Chemaz
  • Moeper’s Corner
    • New Browser Client walkthrus, with and without plug-ins
    • Non-Standard Game Types
  • “I Won But I Have Lost: Playing 230 Turns As The Fascists In A Giant Melee” by Madinson
  • Trivia! (Win Premium Subscriptions)
  • “State of the Nuniverse
    Joshua, Big Beefer, McNimble, and Gugeyewalker

This year’s PlanetsCon LIVE is estimated to be approximately 5 hours long.  The State of the Nuniverse will likely start after 8:00 PM UTC.

Get the full line up and the link to the YouTube stream at

Please Join the Live Chat on Youtube.

PlanetsCon LIVE is produced by Griffin.  For questions or comments, please email

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