We asked the victor in our first Planets Magazine Classic Invitational to send us some pictures of his trophy. This was Megalomaniac sent us in return:

We figured he might want to send a picture of where he intended to display it…

…possibly as a selfie, taken someplace prominent where he works. We were thinking he might place it on a wall with his diplomas and professional recognition, where something like this could be afforded the aura of privilege and dignity it both deserves and affords.

This is what Mega sent us:

Mega explained: “That is Miles the Monster. The Nascar in his right hand is FULL SIZE. He is the mascot of the Dover speedway. You asked for a prominent place and he is the most prominent place in Dover!”

Thanks, Mega. Bonus smartass points are hereby awarded.

Congratulations again on a well-earned victory!

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