DIE HARD 8 Completed: Cold space never been so hot, dead space never so alive!

(written by Anaconda)
DIE HARD 8 was done last night! Winners come from cold north, cold like space it self.
Really, it was snowing today here in Finland. No matter I was sleeping like a dead after twelve hour night shift, the small ice balls drumming the roof in the middle of the day woke me up from my coma. Now I know how they got Schumacher up, too! Congratulations to ISO–T and OHO for winning the eighth episode of Die Hard series! It is reliefing to see the Germans are not winning every single game in Planets NU.

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DIE HARD News – Jan 2014 – DH 4 Ends, DH X Starts, Team Games, Forger turns 100, and more!

(written by Big Beefer)

It’s been too long, but here are some updates on what’s going on in the world of the DIE HARD games!

  • First of all, DIE HARD 4 has ended with an alliance victory for Veldan of the Privateers and Azazel of the Lizards! Gudmo of the Colonies takes 3rd to round out the Top 3. (Note: This game actually ended over the holidays, but everyone was too busy to give it a proper announcement, sorry guys!) This was an extremely bloody battle that saw the complete extermination of 5 different races. Here’s the final standings:
RANK RaCE Player Plnts
1  The Privateers  veldan 153
2  The Lizards  azazel 136
3  The Colonies  gudmo 71
4  The Crystal People  dtolman 59
5  The Fascists  anaconda 44
6  The Bird Men  moorgan 34
7  The Feds  capt chaos 0
7  The Evil Empire  umphridas 0
7  The Robots  ryndieum 0
7  The Rebels  beagle 0
Drop  The Cyborg  atomicfury
  • Second, the newest game in our “Classic” series has begun, and promises to be a good one. It features the original creator of VGA Planets, Tim Wisseman, as the lizards! This becomes the 14th DIE HARD game in the series, which has now run almost 800 total turns! You can find info on this game and all other things DIE HARD on the DIE HARD web page (see link below).
  • Third, we are pleased to announce the start of DIE HARD Team Games, with our first Teams of 3 game hosted by Azazel. See this thread for more details. You can sign up as a complete team, or just post that you interested and looking for teammates and put together a team with other DIE HARD players in the same situation. This is a great opportunity for those interested in team games, but who don’t already have teammates. It allows you a process to “interview” prospective teammates, and plan your race selections and position before the game starts. Instead of joining a team game in an empty slot and hoping you get good, committed teammates.
  • Fourth, I’d like to send a special thanks and congratulations to Forger, our first player to reach 100 turns played in replacement positions. Taking spots in both of our tough Low Natives games, one must respect his willingness to take on a challenge! And while we are on the subject, I should mention that we have started a policy of giving replacement players the option to sign-up for some new games before they open to the general public. So you can get that race you really want to play! It pays to be a replacement!
  • Fifth, DIE HARD 6, thou art a beast… As of this writing, after one apparent regime change, DH 6 is on turn 61, and the leader has 58 planets. That’s an average gain of less than 1 planet per turn since the beginning! I have a feeling this one’s going to be running for quite some time…
  • Lastly, congrats to the DIE HARD 1 players who have crossed over turn 100 into the next century of play, with a combined military strength of over 6,000,000!

I didn’t have time for updates on every game in this post, but you can always check the current status and scores for all of the DIE HARD series games, find league-wide stats and our individual ranking ladder, plus other info at:

The Planets.nu DIE HARD Web Page

Classic DIE HARD takes a season break

(written by Anaconda)

Die Hard 2 still being the only finished Die Hard game it has become tremendous effort to find new players for classic Die Hard. Therefore we are taking a season break over Christmas. All-new episode Die Hard X will begin to accept sign-ups during the first week of January, 2014. We have a special guest star playing in Die Hard X so if you are DIE HARD you might not want to miss this one (to the dissapointment of Canadians, it is not Rob Ford)!

For those who do not believe in Santa Claus and wont be celebrating Santa’s birthday in 24th and 25th of Dec., there are other custom game options available. I got that very particular itch at my bottom telling me something nice is coming up very soon and then there is also Die Hard Starcraft – a classic Die Hard with star map add-ons still open and accpeting sign-ups!

Keep your warp cores up and running and have a blessed holiday season (of doom)!

DIE HARD 7 Kicks Off!

(written by BigBeefer)

After a long wait while recruiting players, DIE HARD 7 finally has its complete roster and is under way! Here’s the final list of competitors:

  • capt chaos – The Solar Federation
  • snork – The Lizard Alliance
  • maktub – The Empire of the Birds
  • mule – The Fascist Empire
  • kedalion – The Privateer Bands
  • figak – The Cyborg
  • adder – The Crystal Confederation
  • harklyn – The Evil Empire
  • gigaschatten – The Robotic Imperium
  • siggi – The Rebel Confederation
  • ksb – The Missing Colonies of Man

Good luck to all commanders!

And the link to the game: http://planets.nu/#/sector/71509

DIE HARD 2 Finishes: Iso–t leads Cyborg to Incredible Single-Player Victory!

(written by BigBeefer)

Our first DIE HARD game has reached its conclusion in style… With 212 planets on turn 79, Cyborg player Iso–t  takes a massive single player win in DIE HARD 2!

With a big last turn push, Privateer Jomiii slides into second place, while Donaldworrell of the Rebels takes third. Here’s a Continue reading

DIE HARD 7 is starting!

(written by BigBeefer)

The DIE HARD game series resumes with our new host, Anaconda! Are you tired of grabbing planets from dropped players, and ready for a serious game with players that don’t quit? Then this might be the game for you!

Anyone interested in signing up should request a slot at: http://planets.nu/discussion/now-recruiting-for-die-hard-se7en

Note: Please be sure to read through the rules and conditions and make sure you agree before joining.

Game Updates!

(written by BigBeefer)

Here are some updates on what is going on in the world of DIE HARD games…

Trudges on with all players still battling. Big Beefer of the colonies has a commanding military lead, the highest among all of the DIE HARD games in fact, but his planet count is not nearly as impressive. The leaders of DIE HARD 2 & 3 have as many planets, despite their games being 20 turns behind this one. So the question is, can he turn his military strength into a planetary gain? With everyone else still in play, the answer to that remains open.

Iso–t of the borg has taken a commanding lead in almost all areas, and has far more planets than any player in any of the other games. This appears to be one of those games that reminds you why there is a planets proverb to “kill the borg early”. Will anyone be able to stop him? There is still a lot of strength left in the other players, so we’ll see! In other news, it appears Redjon of the colonies has boarded his final warship to seek a last act of vengeance. DIE HARD, my friend!

The DIE HARD 3 players have built up bases faster than any of the other games so far, and was the earliest to hit the ship limit. With Thin Lizzy of the lizards leading the base and ship counts (Note: Thin also currently holds our record for the fastest base construction rate), Mentar of the colonies taking a notable planet and military lead, and all other players still in combat, this could be anybody’s game.

This game saw our first player DIE HARD. Umphridas of the empire has the honor of being our first player to recieve the “Last Breath” award, for fighting down to the last clan and crew member. Veldan of the privateers leads the planet count, while Azazel of the lizards leads in bases, ships and military. With many other players still strong, it’s way too early to even guess at this one.

It’s only turn 12, so not much to say, except… WHAT? THE LIZARDS OF ODYSSEUS HAVE LOST THEIR HOMEWORLD!? ON TURN 12? Wow, we DIE HARD players can be an aggressive bunch can’t we? But looking at the comparison charts, I noticed that they are not the first to have this happen (though certainly the first so early in the game). Beagle of the rebels in DIE HARD 4 also lost his homeworld, but managed to later get another base, and fights on to this day. And as Odysseus is the current planet leader, don’t count anybody out!

OK, this one really is to early to have much to say.

It’s early, but everyone seems to be developing well, and the distribution of power seems well divided, with no runaway leaders in any category. Looking to be a good game!

Echoclusterveteran of the borg and Ronnle Robot of the rebels are gathering planets at an incredible pace, but it’s still very early, and all players are developing nicely, so there is much combat to be had in the future!

Planets Mag Welcomes the DIE HARD League!

(written by ECV)

The DIE HARD series hosted by Big Beefer features high-level VGA Planets play for serious players.  Unlike normal public games, DIE HARD sectors do not allow any player to quit under any circumstances.

Planets Mag is now partnering with Big Beefer and the DIE HARD series to present news and links, and give a way for players to socialize outside the game.

All DIE HARD players are encouraged to make an account and log in so you can add your voice to the DIE HARD news.  Welcome, commanders!


(written by BigBeefer)

I’m looking to recruit players for a “DIE HARD” game. Players that are willing to play a game out to the end no matter what. No quitters, droppers, idlers, resigners, permanent holiday moders, etc. I have been increasingly frustrated with players quitting when they still have plenty of strength left, and so am looking to create a game that will not have this issue.

Game Setup:

1. It will be setup the same as a standard planets.nu officers game: 500 planets, the usual 11 races, standard map size, Max Allies = 1 for victory conditions. All other forms of diplomacy will be permitted as well.

2. Schedule will be 2 turns per week, probably hosting Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hopefully the early turns will run faster, but no guarantee.

3. This game will be run as a public game so you will earn achievement and campaign resources, and have it listed on your profile.

4. To keep things fair for all players in the game, only premium planets.nu members should join, and you should plan to maintain your membership for the duration of the game.


You should agree to the following conditions before requesting a slot:

1. YOU WILL NOT QUIT. The whole reason this game is being created is to find a group of players that can take a hit (or a severe beating) and keep on fighting. You should understand that you quitting takes away from the enjoyment of others in the game, and should enjoy playing even when you are unlikely to win. You agree to not resign, or stop playing while remaining in the game (including holiday mode) in any fashion.

2. NO PRE-FORMED ALLIANCES. I am OK with you having friends in the game, but you must agree to join the game as independent players, open to alliance or combat with everyone else in the game. If the situation in the game is a good one for you and your friend to end up allying, more power to you, but otherwise you should be willing to work with other players as allies and fight your friends.

Other notes and details:

1. OK, we may let you resign if your situation has become truly hopeless. Something along the lines of “I have only 3 barren planets with 10 clans each and my only ship is a fuelless probe I accidentally shot off the side of the map.” If you really want out, post in the game forum and the other players can vote to approve your release or not.

2. I realize that real life issues can cause people to have to quit. That’s understandable, but please give us notice so I can pause the game and try to find a replacement.

3. If you do quit for any reason except the above, you can expect to be taunted, mocked, insulted, and discredited in the public forums, as well as any threads for any other games you are in. You may also find players from this game joining other games you are in with the sole purpose of hunting you down.

4. While not a strict requirement, this game is meant to draw upper-level players. You should be aware that the competition will (hopefully) be tougher than what you’ll typically find in the public games. If you haven’t managed to pull off a win in a public game, this may not be a good one for you to join.

5. The game may be paused occasionally at the request of a player who, for whatever reason, may not be able to get their turns completed on schedule for a short time. It is expected that these pauses will be infrequent and brief. All requests for a pause will be voted on by the players in the game, though I would assume most will be granted unless they become excessive.