The Great Winter Slowdown

Hi, everyone! I’m Gnerphk, and that over there is Talespin.

TS: [non-caffeinated grunt]

Actually, that’s just a bit of editorial license. I’m locked down in the plague pits of the eastern USA, while Talespin is busy earning a living and getting his Master’s degree way up in icy Canada. Which is kind of what I’m here to tell you about.

TS: [pouring noise]

What with COVID, and work, and getting the second Invitational Tournament going — not to mention the odd Planets game or two or (heh!) seven — [looks meaningfully at Talespin]

TS: [spoon gently clinks on mug]

…We’re feeling pretty overwhelmed here in the Planets Mag press room. Which is kind of silly considering that we have yet to take a dollar for ourselves out of the donations that you all have been kind enough to keep making. Oh, we plan to, but what with the mugs and trophies and all the shipping expenses and, oh yes, we just paid our hosting fees again, and taxes and such, our main goal has been to create a bit of a reserve so that, in case we each get hit by a bus, the Planets Mag archives will continue to exist for a couple of years without us. Isn’t that right, TS?

TS: [grunts, sips]

Right. The point is, we’re both just a bit over-committed, and it’s time we took a step back from the constant churn of getting a fresh article out every single week (and sometimes two!) That’s right — since we fired the dusty old presses back up, between the two of us (and a few of you wonderful people!) we’ve put out eighty-odd articles on Planets, each unique and insightful, and most numbering well over a thousand words. That’s a decent length for a book.

TS: [affirmative grunt, nod]

Speaking of books, I’ve been almost ready to release my commentary on Sun Tzu (from the original Klingon) for six months now. I’ve been proofing, doing rewrites, testing layout, and all the zillion other things that go into getting a book printed. It’s exhausting; I’m starting to understand what it is that publishers get their money for. BUT — and here’s the kicker — every time I get well and truly deep into the project, another deadline comes up. So I’ve put my main blog, The Not Fake News, on hiatus, and here at the Magazine we’re going to cut back releases to maybe one every other week, at least for a little while.

TS: [raises eyebrow expressively]

A few months, I figure. He’s got actual important stuff to do, and me, I need to earn my living for a bit.

TS: Hrmph. [slurp]

Such as it is. Good thing I like ramen noodles, eh? …Anyway. Never fear; we’ve got a handful of articles all lined up in advance, ready to fill the gap between now and whenever life returns to normal. In addition, there’s a new project that we’re both quite excited about that, since if all goes well the work is going to be done by someone else — an honest-to-goodness professional! — and we can both concentrate on Real Life while you get to be highly entertained by our Special Guest.

TS: [grunt, slurp]

Yes, that’s right — more on that later. For now, we’ll let you all get back to your regularly scheduled day, and we’ll get back to work. And maybe — just maybe — a decent night’s sleep for once.

TS: [chuckles grimly; pours]

We here at the Mag rely on your feedback to measure how well we’re doing, and there’s very little to match that joyful feeling of getting a free coffee — which, I assure you, we’re about to actually drink. As always, you can make a PayPal donation to support the Planets Magazine, or click the button below to Buy Us A Coffee — and don’t forget to leave a note!

Buy Me A Coffee

See? I knew that Planets Mag mug would come in handy. Extra large size; perfect for coffee.

TS: [stirs meaningfully]

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