Planets Magazine Invitational

The first Planets Magazine Classic Invitational has now been launched, and the champions are assembling. Top players from Planets Nu, both past and present, have been sent invitations to join, and as soon as the game is full it will begin.

The Rules

This game is Classic, with a Total Planets victory condition. The main variations from the original Classic rules are: Scores are hidden, and Fight or Fail is set permanently at five planets, ensuring that no vassal race can continue perpetually or after the player’s death.

Players will select their races as they join, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unlike in previous — official — tournaments, but reflecting long-standing tradition, players will be permitted to vote in a winner at a certain point, if they choose to miss the final wind-down of the game. Votes representing two-thirds of the planets will be required to so do, and the final winner must be one of the top two planet-count races at that point.


Invitations have been sent out through the Planets Nu messaging interface, to a list of players based on a modified version of the Mercenaries Top 100. If you have not received an invitation but feel you should have, please contact our editors at


Several prizes may be awarded, depending on the level of support received from the community. We are presently designing a custom coffee mug — black, large, with a starfield — with an inscription commemorating this epic battle. Once available, one of these will be shipped to every champion; in order to boost the prize fund, significant contributors to the Planets Magazine will have the option of requesting one or two mugs for themselves.

To contribute to the prize fund, please attach a note to your donation either at PayPal or the Buy Me A Coffee link below.

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