Insights In Sight – Dossier A3-LLY5

Target: Large Deep Space Freighter

Tactical Specifications

  • RACE: All Races
  • HULL: Mass 130, Fuel 600, Cargo 1200, Crew 102, Tech Level 6
  • HULL COST: MC 160, Dur 85, Tri 7, Moly 8, Tech Level Upgrades 1500 MCs
  • ARMAMENT: 2 Engines

General Analysis

Multiple mineral runs consume at once time and fuel – both scarce commodities in the game of Planets; therefore, the most efficient freighter carries the most resources in one trip. If this is true, why don’t we always put out Super Transport Freighters? Why do we bother with the lesser tugs? We use smaller ships, like the Large and Medium Deep Space Freighters, because logistics needs to be executed in a flexible manner.

First, minerals, supplies, and Mega Credits are produced at different rates throughout your empire. A planet may have a small bounty so a giant cargo hold is overkill; little amounts of rocks are the province of Mediums.

Secondly, if your freighter is towing home tritanium, who is towing the molybdenum? Which vessel is bringing money or fuel? A soloist moves your heart, but a symphony tingles every part of your being. Many ships working in concert exponentially grow your influence and production. So too do Mediums collect into local stockpiles, and Larges bring those home.

Unless you have access to a chunnel network, a logistics fleet led by a core of Large Deep Space Freighters is the single most efficient way of expanding your empire.

Talespin’s Deployment: The Famous “Starbase-In-A-Box”

ENGINES: 2x Transwarp Drive OR ND5 or less (If towed)

CARGO: 120 Duranium, 402 Tritanium, 340 Molybdenum, 900 Mega Credits

DESIGNATED CARGO: Varies depending on specific goals (See below)

The listed cargo is what you need to construct a complete starbase. It’s a simple concept: One ship carries enough resources to pop out a base the very Turn it arrives: Starbase, In a box. At times, the planet will have enough minerals on the surface and you won’t have to supply the full amount. Be sure to send a scout to take control of the destination before your biggun arrives and you can immediately set your new base to build.

The remaining 338 Kilotons of cargo space can be designated for a variety of scenarios.

  • You may need extra clans to tax natives.
  • Perhaps you already have 200 clans and you need 200 supplies and 800 MCs for an optimum amount of mines.
  • If you’re a planner, you might calculate the exact amount of resources required to boost Tech Levels and maintain shipbuilding for 2-3 turns.
  • Maybe you want the LDSF to move beyond the drop point to develop another planet.
  • Perhaps you need to slap up a fast defense, and some Duranium and fighter minerals may come in handy.

Furthermore, do not forget that this deployment can also be used as a weapon. Tow a Starbase-In-A-Box with your invasion force and instantly raise a defensible position inside enemy territory.

Gnerphk’s Deployment: “Colonist Hauler”

ENGINES: 2x Transwarp

CARGO: 1200 Colonists outbound, minerals inbound

MISSION: (outbound) Sensor Sweep, (inbound) Beam Up Duranium

It’s all about the Colonists, baby! Who runs the factories, digs the mines, collects the taxes, defends the planet? Colonists. Who do you never have enough of when attacking, and never ever have enough of defending? Colonists.

One large freighter carries enough for a subcluster. It flies out fully loaded, and a local Medium spreads it around while the Large goes back for more — and loaded with all the minerals your Medium collected for you on the way. First big run comes back to your starbase with all the Duranium for your first Merlin; the second carries enough Moly for that battleship you always wanted.

Keep your notepad ready: The next Insights In Sight will target the Medium Deep Space Freighter.

– TS and G

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1 thought on “Insights In Sight – Dossier A3-LLY5

  1. The best between the lines’ info in this article is the hub and spoke of resource management.

    Usually a few MDSF collecting to a hub which the LDSF hauls back to the SB planet.

    Rarely, multiple hubs feed back to a super hub where your STF is the key hauler.

    In that case, you usually need to build one or more additional SBs.


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