Insights In Sight – Glimpse of Greatness


Brilliant scene from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy* movie adaptation.

Philosophy Behind The Insights Dossiers

When someone says, “The Skyfire is the most useless ship in the game. Why would anyone build an Iron Slave Class Baseship? Does anyone EVER build a Taurus?” something inside me perks up; “Challenge?”

Creativity is an under cultivated skill. As we attain daily normality, our natural creative juices become bogged down in drudgery. When I become stuck in this mire of routine, VGA Planets allows me to break free, faster than the speed of light. The moments where I experience a glimpse of greatness are those when I take an extra minute to consider an out-of-the-box choice – a different torpedo tech, a cheaper engine, a daring strike on in an unexpected location, or forming an alliance with an atypical race.

I encourage all players to take an innovative approach to your games. Reconsider how you view a ship, try another way of loading a freighter, and attempt to defy norms and the seemingly impossible. As you travel farther away from *tedious mucking about in hyperspace, you might find yourself smiling.

Talespin’s Deployment “Glimpses of Greatness”

ENGINES: Hitchhiker's Infinite Improbability Drive

BEAMS: 4x Vector Model Squid Launcher

TORPEDO LAUNCHERS: 5x Khan Class Genesis Device

CARGO: 30 cups of coffee, 5 barrels of monkeys

This project is a lot of fun for Gnerphk and me. We curse at each other less, throw less wet fish, and genuinely enjoy sharing some of our ideas. At the very least, we hope that you are inspired to try new restaurants at the end of the Planets universe.

– TS and G

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