ANNOUNCING: Classic Invitational II

All this has happened before. All this will happen again.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Tournament season begins again!

We, the Editors of the Planets Magazine, are proud and excited to announce the second in our series of Classic Invitational tournaments — with prizes!

As always, the game rules and status will be kept posted on our Tournaments page. The present game settings will be: Classic, with Fight or Fail set to advance by one every 7 turns, ensuring that no vassal race can continue perpetually or after the player’s death but permitting a 500-turn marathon if that’s what we decide we want.

Players will select their races as they join, on a first-come, first-served basis. (Some invitations may be conditional.)


Prizes will be awarded, depending as always on the level of support received from the community. We have a custom coffee mug — black, large, with a starfield — with an inscription commemorating this epic battle. One of these will be available FREE for anyone selected to play (we’ll even cover the first $5 for shipping), with the option to order more if they wish. In order to boost the prize fund (which would mean we could help pay shipping, for one thing), significant contributors to the Planets Magazine will have the option of ordering souvenir mugs for themselves.

It really is the only way to be sure. Ripley knows.

And the final victor, of course, will get this unique laser-etched glass trophy. Or one of its equally-unique clones. (Thumbprints optional.)

Do you have what it takes to compete for the coveted Champion’s Trophy?


Invitations will be sent out through the Planets Nu messaging interface, to a list of players based on a modified version of the Mercenaries Top 100 and the top commanders of each race. If you feel you deserve an invitation and haven’t received one, please contact our editors at — there’s no prize for not putting yourself forward, so don’t hesitate to mail us.

To contribute to the prize fund, please attach a note to your donation either at PayPal or the Buy Me A Coffee link below.

Buy Me A Coffee

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