Planets – The Game




Planets is an turn-based strategy game in which 11 well-known Sci-Fi civilizations battle for domination in the Echo Cluster. Each player starts with one homeworld planet and seeks to colonize and develop new planets that will allow you to build starbases and starships in order to conquer the universe. Playing field is the Starmap, an array of 500 planets that is unique for each game, 200 are needed to win a match.
Opposed to most other computer games Planets is played at a slow pace. Each Player can open and play his/her turn as often as he/she likes and communicate with other players until the hosting deadline is reached. Then all turns are processed and the next turn begins. Classic Games are played 2-3 times per week, while Single Player (vs. computer) and Blitz Games can have a much higher frequency and can be completed within a few hours.
One of the biggest differences in Planets to normal computer games is that you play with human players and that there are no savegames. Each mistake and each heroic attack will go down in the history of the game once the turn has been processed. All 11 races are played by a human player which sometimes causes wild (but friendly) interactions to process trades, to co-operate or ally  for tactical collaborations.
Planets was originally designed as a ‘sandbox game’, a character that still exists in the evolved version that is played nowadays. Since the vast range of possibilites often puzzles even advanced players, the Planets Community is known to be friendly and helpful if questions arise or tactical advice is needed.