The Lizard Alliance


The Lizard Alliance is inhabited by a two-legged reptiloid species whose highest virtues are physical and economic strength. Lizards are excellent miners as well as strong fighters, and they reinforce each vessel they own to reflect their belief. Although most humanoids believe that the average Lizard is rather unintelligent, they were able to steal and integrate cloaking and de-cloaking technologies from other races.




  • Ships with Lizard crew can take 150% damage before blowing up
  • 30X ground combat
  • 2X mining rate
  • The Lizard HISSS! mission (increases tax income)
  • Cloaking Ships
  • One terraforming ship, the Eros
  • Loki anti-cloaking ship
  • Can clone captured enemy ships




The Lizard Fleet consists of cloakable Cruisers, Destroyers and fairly small Battleships and Carriers. Due to the Lizard Crew Bonus all ships belonging to the Lizards have the capability of taking 150% damage before blowing up. Lizard ships equipped with a cloaking device are immune to Loki Class decloaking ships but can be detected by glory devices. If transporting colonists they make excellent ground assault vessels to take over enemy planets in the early and midgame phases using the 30:1 ground kill rate. Since their overall layout is rather light, Lizard ships have a high range and are suitable especially for guerilla and economic warfare. When it comes to battles with one of the carrier races the Lizards usually have to sacrifice one or two ships in order to destroy large enemy carriers. The most used battlepair for these purposes are the T-Rex Class Battleship fighting first and being destroyed, while the Madonnzila Class Carrier hopefully finishes the damaged carrier off.

The high losses when fighting in direct battles the Lizards need to compensate by using their strong economy powered by the Hisss Mission. Typical stationary ships used to perform this mission usually are the lighter ship hull designs such as the Eros Class Research Vessel, the Serpent Class Escort and the Loki Class Destroyer.


Hull Design Engines Beams Launchers Note
Small Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 60 kt cargo
Serpent Class Escort 1 2 0 Long Range
Neutronic Fuel Carrier 2 0 0 Travels w/o fuel
Medium Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 200 kt Cargo
Reptile Class Destroyer 2 4 0 Cloak, low crew
Eros Class Research Vessel 2 2 0 Terraformer
Lizard Class Cruiser 2 4 3 Cloak, 290 Cargo
Vendetta Class Frigate 2 4 4 Low Crew
Large Deep Space Freighter 2 0 0 1200 Cargo
Saurian Class Light Cruiser 2 4 2 Long Range
Loki Class Destroyer 2 2 4 Decloaker
Madonnzila Class Carrier 2 4 6 Bays Combo with T-Rex
Neutronic Refinery Ship 10 6 0 Makes fuel
Super Transport Freighter 4 0 0 2400 Cargo
T-Rex Class Battleship 2 10 5
Merlin Class Alchemy Ship 10 8 0 Makes Minerals
Campaign Specials Engines Beams Launchers Note
Reptile Class Escort 1 4 0 Cloak, low crew
Vendetta B Class Frigate 1 4 4 Low crew
Vendetta Stealth Class Frigate 1 4 4 Cloak, low crew
Saurian Class Frigate 2 7 2 Cloak
Chameleon Class Freighter C 2 0 0 Chameleon Device
Saurian Class Heavy Frigate 2 9 3 Cloak
Madonnzilla Class Carrier C 2 4 6 Bays Chameleon Device
T-Rex Class Battleship C 2 10 5 Chameleon Device
Godzilla Class Battlecarrier 4 10 5 Tidal Shield, Sprit Link


In campaign games the Lizards have additional ships with cloaking devices as a choice. While the Reptile Class Escort appears as an alternative to the Serpent Class Escort perform the Hisss mission or can be used as a cloaked scout, the Vendetta Stealth Class can be used to fight only Planets due to it’s risk of being captured. The Saurian Class Frigate adds minesweeping power to the Lizard fleet. The Saurian Class Heavy Frigate crowns the Lizard cloaking ships with more firepower than the Lizard Class Cruiser can provide, making it possible to fight Battlecruisers such as Resolute and Emerald Classes. With the last game update three new ships were introduced to the Campaign mode, which are able to disguise their hull design to confuse the opponents: Two newer combat ships and the legendary Chameleon Class Freighter. The new flagship of the Lizard Alliance is the Godzilla Class Carrier that gains 1 fighter bay for each homeworld planet the Lizards control and that is able to withstand up to 149% damage in planetary battles. Each homeworld can only build one of these unique ships that always carry the name of their origin, when a second build is attempted, the first one will be destroyed.



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