First Turns: The Lizard Alliance

Most wars are won or lost long before the fighting starts. This series concentrates only on those critical few turns leading up to the Ship Limit as a key to achieving long-term goals necessary for victory.


While the Lizard fleet technically has the weakest battleship in the T-Rex, this is more than made up for with the increased ship durability granted by the Lizard Crew Bonus. Similarly, the too-light Madonzilla can act as a support carrier in fleet battles, and the undergunned Lizard Class Cruiser fights as well as a battlecruiser in most situations.

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Loki Logic

(written by BigBeefer)

This is the first in a series of articles I’m writing on tools and tactics for fighting against the Privateers. We’ll begin with what I consider the most effective tool: The Loki Class Destroyer. This will cover how to use them and how to protect them in various situations.

The Loki Class Destroyer

See the link above for information on the Loki Class Destroyer. Lokis are a powerful tool against the Privateers, due to their tachyon field that can decloak ships within 10ly. Unlike glory device ships, Continue reading