“They’re Just Dots In Space!”

How many times have we heard that said? Am I right, fellow Planets players?

We all know they’re more than just dots. We wouldn’t spend so much time and effort — and lose so much sleep — over a collection of dots. (Or would we? Hmmm…)

But if they’re just dots to us, what are we to them? Especially now that our presence has become ever so slightly more noticeable…

“Help! We’ve been infested by spaceships!”



“No, I mean, he’s a liar!”

“Who is?”

“There’s no such thing as space ships, is what I’m trying to say!”

“What am I, then?
Chopped liver?”

“Did someone say liver?”

“There it is again! Quick, someone do something!”

“I’m all tied up.”

“My hands are pretty full. What about you, archer?”

“Hurry! They’re multiplying!”

“Fear not! I’ve got this!
Ready… Aim…

HaHAH! Dodge this, ya
wee parasites!”

“Where the Hell did that come from?!”

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NOTE: Images are from the Poeticon Astronomicon (ca. 1482), Planets Nu via my own computer screen, and… honestly, I have no idea. I cannot for the life of me remember where I found that image, or how long I’ve had it. Anyone has any objection to the “The End” graphic, let me know and I’ll replace it. -G

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