Insights In Sight – Dossier A2-Z559

Target: Super Star Carrier

Tactical Specifications

  • RACE: The Evil Empire
  • HULL: Mass 250, Fuel 240, Cargo 180, Crew 352 Tech Level 5
  • HULL COST: MC 320, Dur 42, Tri 91, Moly 143 Tech Level Upgrades 1000 MCs
  • ARMAMENT: 2 Engines, 6 Beams, 4 Bays
  • SHIP ABILITIES: Debris Disc Defense (campaign)
  • RACIAL ENHANCEMENTS: Dark Sense, Dark Detection (campaign), Free Starbase Fighters, Starbase Fighter Transfer

General Analysis

This Tech 5 beast is a durable and tenacious combatant. It can defeat planets, lightly-armed starbases, and many mid-Tech warships. A variety of jobs suit this little fighter, like heavily armed freighter, capable escort, planetary bouncer, shield scratcher, minelayer hunter, or fighter storage and delivery agent.

Talespin’s Deployment: “First Blood”

ENGINES: Transwarp Drive

BEAMS: 6x Plasma Bolt


Who says the Evil Empire can’t swing the first punch? On Turn 2, you pop out a Pl21 probe and you launch it into enemy territory to gather information with Dark Sense. On Turn 3, you produce a Super Star Carrier with the “First Blood” design. At this point, your base has added 10 bonus fighters; you build 10 more and load all 40 into your mighty Tech 5 warrior. Have the SS Carrier’s troops kiss their spouses, strap on their headbands, and set out on a journey from which they may not return. Planet hop directly to the enemy’s doorstep and hit him hard.

While your probe directs you toward critical planets, attack with the Friendly Code “ntp.” You will not launch fighters and any planet with up to 20 defense outposts will be destroyed, without leaving a scratch on your carrier. After the first or second no-launch attack, allow your fighters to join the fray. Scorch as many planets as possible by stealing money and over taxing. When your fighters are depleted, retreat to a safe distance until reinforcements arrive. In addition, you can even make a play at the infamous “headshot.” The First Blood is capable of taking down a starter base, but this maneuver is a gamble with the lives of your Rambos.

The result of launching this type of carrier is at best the capture of another’s homeworld and at worst the loss of your own. The First Blood deployment is costly and you may be vulnerable for a few turns. Recovery is manageable, so do not shy away from it if you need to make an impression. Dropping your guard for a moment creates the opportunity to wreck a neighbour’s economy.

Strangling the enemy’s production is important, but this warship can also give you a diplomatic edge. If a player finds an SS Carrier en route to his precious colonies, he will be very inclined to start immediate negotiations. However crippling an early assault may be, it is far worse for morale to sit quietly while the opponent cuts off your legs.

Gnerphk’s Deployment:  “Storage Unit”

ENGINES: Nova Drive 5 or less

BEAMS: 6x Plasma Bolt


The Empire’s primary advantage is its ability to pound out free fighters at each starbase.  When minerals are plentiful, this can be a major economic boost to any carrier race, especially when the excess fighters can be channeled to wherever they’re needed next with the now-Standard advantage of Starbase Fighter Transfer.  That’s where this vessel comes in handy.

With the new PPQ system, extra Empire starbases are little more than fighter factories, with no need for shipbuilding technology.  This little warehouse, at Tech 5, is cheaply producible pre-limit — and, unlike any other lesser Imperial hull, it can store almost the entire war loadout of a fully armed Gorbie.  This comes in awfully handy during those times when the Queue is frozen; without a place to store fighters, production stops cold and you end up wasting one of your key logistical weapons.  A couple of these sitting around in the backwaters makes for a handy ready reserve — and, unlike the more powerful 8-beam Cruiser, the low tech level makes it an accessible yet useful build anywhere you’ve got a base.

Its secondary role garrisoning otherwise empty backwater clusters is a bonus, but there’s no denying its sudden and unexpected appearance can be a truly nasty surprise for those pesky RGAing Falcons when they try to do an end run.

Keep your notepad ready: The next Insights In Sight will target the Large Deep Space Freighter.

TS and G

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3 thoughts on “Insights In Sight – Dossier A2-Z559

    • (This answer is as long as the article LOL)

      There’s a complex answer to that because the Combat Random Number Generator (RNG) backfires in ships with 4 or less bays – sometimes the fighters don’t launch!

      I think the SS Carrier and SS Destroyer function differently. In my books, I would avoid combat with the SSD and go straight for capturing planets with the Imperial Assault ability. While the SSC is more of a bruiser in combat, the SSD sneaks in and captures your planets without a fight.

      If you compare their fighting capabilities, I feel the Carrier has an advantage over the Destroyer. Plain and simple, 4 bays will get your fighters out before 3 bays. These ships are not going to fight heavy carriers (except as sacrifices), so they will most likely combat torpedo ships.

      For me, I want to kill a torpedo ship as fast as I can, because I want to take less damage. More bays gets fighters out faster, which helps the ship overcome the enemy ship’s beams. I think the Super Star Carrier comes out on top with straight up head-to-head battles.

      The other thing to consider is the cargo bay. The SSD has a smaller cargo bay, so it isn’t easy to repair it. The SSC can carry fighters and supplies, so it can repair itself faster.

      Those are just some thoughts off the top of my head and I’m sure there’s other ways of approaching it. It’s always great to hear other ideas.


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