Competition: Who’s who on Nu?

(written by Emork, the Lizard King)

Take a look at this photo taken last weekend at a gathering of planets players at Emork’s place in Munich, Germany – Can you connect the players to the faces?

Participants in alphabetical order – the seating is of course different:

  • Domlos
  • Emork the Lizard King (currently engaged in the Aries War)
  • Mentar (currently engaged in the Saggitarius war)
  • Mip40
  • SpaceSquad, our Emperor (winner of the Scorpius War)
  • Thin Lizzy (runner up of the Scorpius War)
  • Ulki13

(For the non-Germans: Don’t wonder about hats and hair – that’s how it is over here.)

Your turn!

9 thoughts on “Competition: Who’s who on Nu?

  1. Suddenly I feel old. And in need of alcohol and a silly hat.

    I’m going to guess that SMN was right except that MIP40 and Thin Lizzy are reversed, as are Domlos and Ulki.


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