Tips, Tricks, and Technicalities for a Timely Turn

A Tactic for People Who Want to See More Sunlight

On occasion, my wife and kids look over my shoulder, peek at my computer, and ask, “Why are you staring at those little dots?” They are baffled that I engage in such an antiquated computer game and perplexed why I am so captivated by images of circles. I also consider the same questions and ponder my reasons for my dedication. I don’t know the answer, but I’ll continue to play at least until I do.

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VGA Turns in 30 Minutes or Less – Part 2: Next turn’s actions – now! Time Saving Missions and Friendly Codes

(written by dtolman)

In part 1 of the VGA Turns in 30 Minutes or Less series, we focused on three of the most powerful time saving techniques – ready checkboxes, waypoints, and automating planet builds. In part 2 I’d like to focus on commands that allow you to start working on next turn – now – so you can spend less time clicking next turn, and more time having fun.
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