Shiplist – Strong to Weak

(Comment on the data collection and sorting method at the end of the table.)

Starships in order of their firepower, with all ships being equipped with maximum weaponry and fighting for their original race. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in campaign games.
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Minehits and Glory Devices – Ships that will be destroyed

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 3:
(originally compiled by Anaconda)

The following list contains all Planets starships that will be destroyed by a single Glory Device or a Minehit. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. All other ships in the Planets shiplist will either survive a single minehit or Glory Device detonation or even will be able to repair themselves instantly using supplies.

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An Old Scroll – The Solar Federation

The Old Scrolls Series from Donovan’s Super Site:
Please note that some data may refer to earlier game versions. Although game and strategies have advanced since the writing of this guide, the provided information is more than useful for an inspired gameplay and a good base to start from. Enjoy!

Written by: Conrad Lesnewski

The Solar Federation

There exists a rather vocal group of players in the VGAP community who swear that the Feds are THE race to play. Let me make it clear from the start, that I am not one of these players. I’ll take the Lizards over the Feds any day of the week and twice on Sundays, but that’s a story for another time. Today we’re here to discuss getting the Continue reading

The Amazing Small Deep Space Freighter

(written by ECV – Classic Queue)

Tom Graves started a great thread about the many uses of the Small Deep Space Freighter (SDSF) on the news feed at Planets Nu. He has now given us permission to edit and publish his post on Planets Mag for all to see!

NOTE: Certain aspects of this article reference the Priority Build Points system.

In Tom’s words: Small Deep Space Freighters are likely to represent 10-15% of your fleet at the time the Ship Continue reading

Loki Logic

(written by BigBeefer)

This is the first in a series of articles I’m writing on tools and tactics for fighting against the Privateers. We’ll begin with what I consider the most effective tool: The Loki Class Destroyer. This will cover how to use them and how to protect them in various situations.

The Loki Class Destroyer

See the link above for information on the Loki Class Destroyer. Lokis are a powerful tool against the Privateers, due to their tachyon field that can decloak ships within 10ly. Unlike glory device ships, Continue reading

Understanding the ship types

With the campaign upgrade at Planets.Nu we now have about 200 different ship classes available to build. Only a few players with an elephant memory know each and every ship and can tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of this specific design. But there is another way to easily understand the different ship types. This little guide shows, what Tim Wisseman had in mind, when he designed and named the ships in Planets 3.x

The starship types Tim used are derivates from a range of ships types that have been in military use until the mid of the 20th century – and partly are until today. These ship types Continue reading