Addressing Torpedo Balance – Part 1: “Normalize MC costs”


In my last article, I described the new torpedo changes and demonstrated the relative inequality of torpedo stats in VGA Planets. In this article, I will discuss what planets could (and arguably should) look like in terms of an ideal distribution of stats. I will follow up with some concrete suggestions on how to make this possible. In doing so, I will try not to change the flavour of the game.

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Precise Scooping

With the newest updates the minefield decay is also displayed in the minefield preview when sweeping and scooping mines. What is very helpful to control enemy minefields can cause problems when trying to decrease your own minefield sizes by scooping parts of them – for example to pull a minefield or web out of an opponent’s sweeping range. Remember that the scooping ship must have a lower ID number than the Continue reading

The Travelling Minefield

(written by DungeonMaster)

Many players often end up with large stockpiles of cash and minerals well away from the frontlines. If the fronts are stable, or in your favour, then it’s imperative that those resources go to developing bases to produce more ships. As is often the case however, there is pressing need for mines at the fronts. The travelling minefield is an essential strategy to supply those resources across long distances.

What you need is: two high tech torpedo laying ships which can lay and scoop a 150 ly Continue reading