Torpedoes in VGA Planets and an Analysis of New Torp Changes

In order to write about the new changes in torpedoes announced at, I need to briefly explain how torpedo economics work in Planets. As most of you probably figured out pretty early on in your Planets days, Mk.4 torpedoes are the best go-to torp to pick, until you have more money to get one of the top-tier ones (Mk.7 or Mk.8). Many of you have looked at the damage (TW) rating of each torp and then compared it to the MC cost, and noticed that certain torpedoes are much more efficient at packing a punch than others.

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Thinking about Speed

This article could end quickly. Fireclouds can open wormholes and travel unlimited distances in one turn, Probes and Falcons can do a 340-360 lightyear hyperjump, and ships with gravitonic accelerators can travel double their warp distance in one turn. And the rest? Well… They are stuck to warp 9 if you equip them with Transwarp Drives. They can only travel 81.5 lightyears in one turn and that’s it. Topic finished?

Not yet. There are other aspects about speed to put into consideration when it comes to ships with ‘normal’ transwarp engine technology. Obviously the fastest way to reach a Continue reading