On The Pursuit Of Victory

There are a lot of articles out there on the mechanics of the game – how many mines you can get out of a Mk6 torpedo, how much an X-Ray Laser masses, that sort of thing. And there are several articles on good general strategies, opening gambits, the best way to defeat a Privateer ambush et cetera. But not much has been written on the big question: How do I win?

Perhaps this is because flawless generals are few; as such, it would require a good deal of arrogance to claim enough expertise to offer a definitive Continue reading

Master At Arms (Archived Copy)

The Effects of Weapons against Naval Targets – by Jan “Sirius” Klingele

This version is current as of April 13th, 1997

Foreword by Tim Wisseman, the creator of VGA Planets.

I consider “Master at Arms” by Jan Klingele a very cool and much need addition to my bare bones documentation of VGA Planets. This paper describes many aspects of combat much more clearly and in more depth than anything I have written to date.

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