Shiplist – Strong to Weak

(Comment on the data collection and sorting method at the end of the table.)

Starships in order of their firepower, with all ships being equipped with maximum weaponry and fighting for their original race. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in campaign games.
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Minehits and Glory Devices – Ships that will be destroyed

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 3:
(originally compiled by Anaconda)

The following list contains all Planets starships that will be destroyed by a single Glory Device or a Minehit. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. All other ships in the Planets shiplist will either survive a single minehit or Glory Device detonation or even will be able to repair themselves instantly using supplies.

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All Available Mods for Planets.Nu

(archived: written by dtolman) itself allows users to modify their experience with custom scripts, which can add new features, options, automation, and visualizations to your VGA experience. To run a mod, you first need to install greasemonkey or tampermonkey (see: Installing Mods with

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