Old Scrolls: Ion Storm Physics

The Old Scrolls Series:

Please note that some data may refer to earlier game versions or different host settings. Although game and strategies have advanced since the writing of this guide, the provided information is more than useful for an inspired gameplay and a good base to start from. Enjoy!


Originally written by Stefan ‘Streu’ Reuther, the developer of PCC

First published on www.phost.de in the year 2000  Continue reading

The Nine Attributes of Space Mines

(written by Veldan)

Welcome to this first article in a three-part series discussing an oftentimes not well-understood subject in Planets: the lowly minefield. This series of articles is intended to cover major subjects for minefields. This first article introduces the minefield, outlines its major characteristics, gives guidance on how one may consider moving through a minefield, explains the minefield limit, and finally describes the relationship between a minefield and that scourge of the Echo Cluster, the ion storm. This article is directed toward Continue reading