First Turns: The Fascist Empire

Most wars are won or lost long before the fighting starts. This series concentrates only on those critical few turns leading up to the Ship Limit as a key to achieving long-term goals necessary for victory.


The Fascists are at once the race with the weakest ship list and the broadest. They share the weakest battleship (the optimistically-named Victorious) with the Crystals but lack their fleet carrier; of the four cloaking races they build the worst cloaking ships with the highest cost and smallest holds. In Standard they have access to Fast Beams, but the 1-point hull penalty on their Glory Device ships robs them of the queue dominance attainable by their Classic brethren.

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Threat Assessment: The Fascist Empire

This series of anonymous reports was intercepted in transit to an unknown force outside the Echo Cluster. After emergency review by the Senate Committee on Military Classification, these redacted versions were approved for immediate publication. They can be used to acquaint the unfamiliar with the Eleven Races of the Echo Cluster, but also they should be read by commanders of each respective race so they can review their own vulnerabilities in the face of this new and unknown external threat. In this dispatch we focus on the Fascist Empire: its strengths, its weaknesses, and how best to defeat it in battle.


Ease Of Command: Veteran or Higher
Difficulty To Defeat: High
Style: Aggressive

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ACTION NEWS: Colonel Corn

This is Planets Magazine Action News, coming to you live with a special report: The Capricorn War — Conflict in Echo Cluster!

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Pillage Planet

(Archived content — by SpaceSquad)

All fascist starships with beams have a special mission; Pillage Planet.  By pillaging a planet, money and supplies are generated and beamed up to your ship. You can pillage any planet regardless if it is an enemy, allied or even your own planet.

Pillage will:

  • … generate 1 supply for 100 clans (Native and Colonists)
  • … generate 1 Megacredit for 100 clans (Native and Colonists)
  • … kill 20% +120 clans of the Natives
  • … kill 20% +20 clans of the Colonists
  • … decrease Native happiness by 10
  • … decrease Colonists happiness by 10 

Pillage will first generate the money and supplies and then kill the clans. All supplies will be beamed up on to your ships. The ship with the lowest ID will be filled first including cloaked and fuelless ships. If all your cargo space is full, the pillage mission will sell all supplies on the planet and beams up the megacredits to your ship. When your first ship reaches 10,000MCs, the next one will be loaded with Supplies and MCs.

The Fascist Pillage mission is not cumulative, you can only pillage with one ship at a time. Pillage happens after ship movement and combat. 

The owner of the planet will recieve a planetary distress call including the remaining number of clans and the planet ID. You will receive a copy of that message.

Absolution Gap: Frequently Asked Questions about Glory Devices

(Composed and with appendices by Anaconda; proofreading by Thin and Gnerphk)


To save time for those who are not interested in meta, the introduction can be found in the end at the appendix.


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Minehits and Glory Devices – Ships that can repair themselves

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 5:
(originally compiled by Anaconda)

The following list contains all Planets starships that are able to repair themselves instantly using supplies to compensate at least one Glory Device or Minehit. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games.
Please note that these figures require supplies in sufficient numbers on board; some ships will be limited in their fighting abilities due to ammunition shortages if the required supplies for repair are loaded. All other ships in the Planets shiplist will either be destroyed when striking a mine or will require other means to be repaired.

 Ships that can repair themselves instantly using supplies:

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