Addressing Torpedo Balance – Part 1: “Normalize MC costs”


In my last article, I described the new torpedo changes and demonstrated the relative inequality of torpedo stats in VGA Planets. In this article, I will discuss what planets could (and arguably should) look like in terms of an ideal distribution of stats. I will follow up with some concrete suggestions on how to make this possible. In doing so, I will try not to change the flavour of the game.

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Minehits and Glory Devices – Ships that can repair themselves

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 5:
(originally compiled by Anaconda)

The following list contains all Planets starships that are able to repair themselves instantly using supplies to compensate at least one Glory Device or Minehit. All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games.
Please note that these figures require supplies in sufficient numbers on board; some ships will be limited in their fighting abilities due to ammunition shortages if the required supplies for repair are loaded. All other ships in the Planets shiplist will either be destroyed when striking a mine or will require other means to be repaired.

 Ships that can repair themselves instantly using supplies:

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Glory Devices – Effects on Fascist ships

(written by Anaconda)

Frequently asked questions about Glory Devices – APPENDIX 4:

Effects of own Glory Device detonations on Fascist ships, for both D19b (and c*) Class Destroyers (20% of a normal mine hit) and Saber Class Frigates (10% of a normal mine hit).  All ships marked with an asterisk * are only available in Campaign Games. The following tables contain the damage percentage a fascist ship will take when experiencing a Glory Device detonation, how many detonations it will survive, how many detonations can be repaired instantly if enough supplies are on board (limited by cargo hold), and how many supplies will be needed to repair one detonation (hit).

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