This One Takes The Cake

Preface: We are the loyalist press. The Planets Magazine is the fanzine for Planets, and people don’t play Planets much outside the Planets Nu website. If the site goes away, we probably go away too. For us to take a strong position against Nu policy is unusual. We did so with the initial League design, and, with regret, we’re doing so again now.

Remember Westerns? Back in the 50s, you could tell the good guys from the bad ones because the good guys wore big white hats. The Lone Ranger had a mask on, but you could tell he was a good guy because of his hat, which was bigger and whiter than anyone else’s. Tonto (Spanish for “stupid”, and don’t think we missed that) never wore a hat. Obviously, he was only good because the Lone Ranger was with him.

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Enhanced Recycle is Totally Awesome and Under-Appreciated

If you’re like me, when you first looked at the Federation’s “Enhanced Recycle” advantage, you thought, “what possible value could that be?” It looked like another useless campaign advantage that was not worth having. But I’m here to tell you that Enhanced Recycle (ER) is very powerful and cheap to equip, costing only 15 fleet points. 

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