NuNiverse Review, Part 2

So this is Christmas
And what have we done?
Ingenii’s over
Nectaris just begun…

There’s been a lot of vehement opinion and even, I daresay, some very real anger expressed at a few of the recent changes to the game. While this always serves to keep the conversation active in the Feed, it also has an impact on player retention — a topic close to all our hearts, I’m sure. After all, if new players stop coming and old players keep going away, our beloved game won’t last long.

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Planets Mag 2022: A Year In Review

I blinked and missed 2022. If you shared that experience, I wrote this article for you.

Amidst mental and physical fatigue, Planets Mag continued to produce thoughtful and helpful material, and I felt it was worth travelling back in time to see what exciting things happened. Unfortunately, my Lorean Class Temporal Lance was broken and ex-Emperor Darth Balls was missing in action, so I settled for opening the cabinet of published posts and re-read our content. As I flipped through the files, several pieces caught my attention. Our Articles of War project grew, our science fiction collection added some new adventures, the magazine’s invitational games grew more popular, and our strategy guides continued to support Nu‘s growing population. In all, it was a successful year.

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2022 State of the NuNiverse

(Thanks to Renathras for his note-taking. I’m only here to fix typos. -Editor)

I apologize for any spelling errors, was typing all this live, and formatting errors, since pasting into here from a Word document creates weird formatting paragraph breaks and stuff. Tried to catch them all, but you have my apologies for any I missed.

Without further preamble:

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How To Lose


(Part of this was presented in Planets Con 2022.)

It’s long surprised me that nobody has yet written the authoritative Guide on how to lose a Planets game. Considering all the writing devoted to sure-fire paths to victory, this should be a shoo-in, an automatic next-best-thing for the ne’er-do-well writer just itching for something new to write about. And yet, nobody seems to have done so — until now.

Let’s remedy that lapse, shall we?

Sit back until you’re resting comfortably, have your flight attendant bring you a relaxing beverage, and brace for impact, people. You’re about to learn How To Lose.

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The Results Are In!

NOTE: This was a poll, and the results are non-binding.

The balloting for the preferred new name for the Faction Formerly Known As The Fascists has finished, and the count is proceeding even as we speak. (Once we’re done, I’ll replace this paragraph and insert the final results below. It will take a while.) has finally been completed!

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Election Time!

The polls and suggestion box were designed to determine the answers to certain questions. We used these answers to design a ranked-choice ballot to determine the most popular name among our players. The final decision, as always, rests with the developers, who own the game; our job is simply to collect the popular opinion and inform them of what that is. After that, the decision rests in their hands.

For an explanation on how Ranked Choice Voting works, please see this helpful article on our sister site, The Not Fake News.

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PlanetsCon LIVE 2022

It’s that time again, people! PlanetsCon cometh!

PlanetsCon LIVE is in its fourth year!  PCL is an online, streamed presentation about various aspects of  It’s produced by the players, for the players.  Our community is full of knowledge and the presentations and discussions aim to share it with all players at all levels of play.  

Join us LIVE on December 3, 2022 starting at 5:00 P.M. UTC to watch and participate!

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