Planets Super Trump 1.1


Version 1.1 of Planets Super Trump is out!
Deluxe poker size cards, coated linen surface, one more joker, one cover card less. The only way to play Planets without turning on your computer.

PST can be played with 2-6 players, and takes 15-45 minutes. Knowledge of the online game helps but is not required. A full set contains all 105 original starships including unpublished specifications like mine-damage and maximum range.


  • Individual Set / half of all regular starships (54 cards + box) : USD 20
  • Full Set / all regular starships (108 cards + boxes): USD 36
  • Global shipping:  Free from USD 90, otherwise USD 8 flat

How to get one:

  • Contact specifying your address
    and number of games. We prefer PayPal.



Logo / Ship images courtesy of www.Planets.Nu – the epic space strategy game.
Non-industrial community project. All revenues (should there be) will help to cover the costs for – Support your independent Planets ressource!

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