Election Time!

The polls and suggestion box were designed to determine the answers to certain questions. We used these answers to design a ranked-choice ballot to determine the most popular name among our players. The final decision, as always, rests with the developers, who own the game; our job is simply to collect the popular opinion and inform them of what that is. After that, the decision rests in their hands.

For an explanation on how Ranked Choice Voting works, please see this helpful article on our sister site, The Not Fake News.

To access the ballot, please follow this link. One ballot per person, please.

How The Ballot Was Assembled

In the first round, we discovered that a bare majority of respondents approve of changing the name from “The Fascist Empire”. In our opinion, this was not a sufficient number to remove the name from the final ballot.

We also determined that the overwhelming majority disapprove of “The Hordes of Fury”, the new name chosen by the designers. However, in subsequent rounds, it polled highest, and so rightfully deserves to be an option. Full disclosure: As the loyalist press, we would have included it as a courtesy to the developers anyway.

There were several names with cosmetic differences; we combined those. Thus, “Horde of fury” and “The Hordes of Fury” were lumped into a single entry. It is notable that a significant number of responses favoring the Fury want the word “Horde” to be singular rather than plural.

Where the difference was greater, we were left with a dilemma: “The Righteous Fury” is significantly different from “The Horde of Fury”. Similar differences occurred with differing adjectives. In order to resolve this, we felt the introduction of a separate question involving forms of government should be introduced. Thus, if Fury is chosen, and a Theocracy selected, we will have The Devout Fury (or something similar); if Hegemony, the Righteous Fury; if Horde, the Furious Horde. Some forms of government are grammatically difficult to mate with certain adjectives; in these cases, the adjective will take precedence — note that this is not considered at all likely, as the New Roman Theocracy could stand alongside the New Roman Khanate with equal seriousness. As well, to choose Furry McHordeface is entirely possible, but we could as easily end up with the Knights of the Furry Feudality, if the players are so inclined.

Any instance where copyright infringement is likely, we removed the entry. Non-serious entries without multiple support were summarily eliminated as well (Furry McHordeface and The Pillage People were the only two survivors). Entries deemed to be at least as controversial as “Fascists” were removed, because what would be the point?

Finally, the order of the remaining options was randomized.

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