NEW POLL! Fascist Name Change

We’ve just opened up a new SurveyMonkey poll for all Planets Magazine readers, and we’ll report the results soon — so click the link today or your voice may not be heard!

SECOND SURVEY: Suggestion Box! Take the survey! (NOTE: Survey has ended.)

The first survey is now closed, and now it’s time for the Suggestion Box. In case you’re curious, the results of the first respondents are:

Should the Fascist Empire change its name?
57% Yes 43% No

Is “Hordes of Fury” a good replacement?
24% Yes 76% No

Most popular names:
Fascists, 22%
Hordes of Fury, 17%
The Pillage People, 11%
Furry McHordeface, 11%
The Marauders, 7%
The Glorious Empire, 7%

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