Articles Of War: A Guide To Guides

A new threat is moving in against the Eleven Races of the Echo Cluster. The Senate has authorized the following program to help educate prospective commanders, in order to better prepare our collective defense against the invaders.

In coordination with the War Office of the Galactic Senate, and under the auspices of the Grand Vizier, we here at the Planets Magazine are excited to present a new series of instructional articles for the Eleven Races. Broadly classed as the “Articles Of War”, these will cover the following topics:

  • Threat Assessment: general sketches of each race as a fighting machine
  • First Turns: short guides to maximize your potential in the first turns
  • Intelligence Briefs: situational reports describing military maneuvers for squadrons and fleets
  • Fleet Stacks: examinations of not ships as individuals but when working together as a machine, in task groups or battle formations
  • Allied Synergy: notes on how each races works with the others and best combinations
  • Unique Powers: quick-reference guides, spotlighting the unique abilities and ship features each race possesses
  • Enhanced Technology: summaries of how campaign features customize your empire

As you are no doubt aware, the Threat Assessments were intercepted enroute to our unknown collective adversary; it is not now known whether copies ever arrived. Regardless, it was thought best to disseminate the information publicly in order to prepare the Eleven Races for the consequences of such an eventuality, effectively disarming the intelligence leak. Each of the eleven releases designated “Threat Assessment” have been analyzed and de-classified for general distribution, with supplementary content to be released as and when it becomes available.

The First Turns articles were produced in response to the Threat Assessments, as training aids for new commanders. Each has been adapted from secret briefings commissioned from skilled combat leaders for each of the Eleven Races. These should provide basic guidance for new Galactic commanders who may find themselves unexpectedly drafted to lead an unfamiliar faction against our new adversaries, whoever they might be.

As further guides are produced in this series, whether from further declassification of the copious support documents appended to the anonymously authored Threat Assessments or as official guidance from the War Office, expect them to be detailed here.

Long Live The Emperor!

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4 thoughts on “Articles Of War: A Guide To Guides

    • The first two sets of eleven are finished. The rest… well, ambition is healthy, they say. :o)

      I’ll tell you frankly, though: I know I don’t have all the knowledge needed to write all of these. A few, sure, but I’m no expert on… well, everything. Talespin, I’m certain, will have some of the knowledge I’m lacking, but eventually we’ll probably have to appeal to the community for assistance.

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