Standard Ship List – From Stronger to Weaker (Revised)

Editor’s Note: This was written to update ThinLizzy’s “Ship List – Strong to Weak” from 2014 to take into account advances like Horwasp, Emperor ships, and Quantum Torpedoes.


  • (B) is Birdman, (Fe) is Federation, (Fc) is Fascist, (L) is Lizard, (Ro) is Robot
  • An asterisk marks a campaign only hull (or race)
  • Old Rank is the ship’s Rank in the first list. If this is blank, it wasn’t in ThinLizzy’s.
A old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
001001Gorbie Class Battlecarrier9801010
002002Biocide Class Carrier8601010
003003Golem Class Baseship850610
004004Rush Class Heavy Carrier645510
005005Virgo Class Battlestar625108
006006Automa Class Baseship56048
008007Annihilation Class Battleship 9601010
009008Nova Class Super-dreadnought6501010
010009Dark Wing Class Battleship491108
011010Victorious Class Battleship451106
012011Thor Class Heavy Frigate*29318
013012Crystal Thunder Class Carrier32068
014Zilla Class Battlecarrier*500105
015013Instrumentality Class Baseship35047
016014Super Star Cruiser II*32585
017015Madonnzila Class Carrier (©*)33145
018016Scorpius Class Heavy Carrier*36065
019017T-Rex Class Battleship421106
020018Diamond Flame Class Battleship451106
B old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
021019Missouri Class Battleship39586
022Lorean Class Temporal Lance*32586
024020Kittyhawk Class Carrier 17346
025024Cybernaut (B*) Class Baseship34035
026021Scorpius Class Carrier*33054
028026Thor B Class Frigate*23318
029025Diplomacy B Class Cruiser*22066
030028Thor Class Frigate 17318
031D9 Usva Class Stealth Raider*347103
032027Diplomacy Class Cruiser18066
033Selenite Class Battlecruiser*240104
036022Super Star Cruiser27084
037029Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser275102
038030Deth Specula Heavy Frigate*18346
039031Bloodfang Class Carrier22074
040023Super Star Carrier (II)25064
C old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
041032Saurian Class Heavy Frigate*19093
042033Super Star Destroyer25083
043035Nebula Class Cruiser17044
044037Arkham Class Cruiser*16063
045038Arkham Class Destroyer*15563
046039Arkham Class Frigate15063
047034Scorpius Class Light Carrier31542
048046(Fe) Loki Class Destroyer10124
049036Merlin Class Alchemy Ship9208
050040Gaurdian C Class Destroyer*13036
051050(Fe) Vendetta B/C Class Frigate*10044
052053(Fe) Vendetta Class Frigate10044
053041Resolute Class Battlecruiser18083
054042Emerald Class Battlecruiser18083
055043Lizard Class Cruiser16043
056044Deth Specula Stealth/Armoured*15364
057045Neutronic Refinery Ship71260
058047D3 Thorn Class Cruiser*13035
059048(Fc) Deth Specula Class Frigate11364
060054Moscow Class Star Destroyer17345
D old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
061049Valiant Wind Class Carrier18073
062049Valiant Wind Storm-Carrier*18073
063051D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser17542
064048(B) Deth Specula Class Frigate11364
065046(L) Loki Class Destroyer10124
066052D3 Thorn Class Frigate*11035
067055Pawn (B*) Class Baseship26022
068056Banshee Class Destroyer12042
069064Wild Banshee Class Destroyer*120101
071057Tranquility Class Cruiser16042
072058Super Star Frigate15053
073061Meteor Class Blockade Runner9044
074060D3 Thorn Class Destroyer9024
075059Vendetta Class Stealth Frigate*10044
076053(L) Vendetta (B*) Class Frigate10044
077062Cygnus Class Destroyer9044
078072Nocturne Class Destroyer9042
079063Gaurdian (B*) Class Destroyer8036
080066Banshee B Class Destroyer*12071
E old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
081065Saurian Class Frigate*13072
082Pyrite Class Frigate*17381
083067Saber Class Shield Generator*173101
084068Onyx Class Frigate15381
085069Patriot Class Light Carrier9026
087070Skyfire Cruiser/Transport*15042
088071Saurian Class Light Cruiser12042
089073Iron Lady Frigate/Command Ship*15082
090074Firecloud Class Cruiser12062
091075Bright Heart (Light*) Destroyer8024
092076Moscow Class Star Escort17342
093077Enlighten Research Vessel16051
094078Saber Class Frigate15310
095079Fearless Wing Cruiser15061
096080Ruby Class Light Cruiser12042
097081Cat’s Paw Class Destroyer12042
098082Cobol Class Research Cruiser11542
099083H-Ross Class Light Carrier17022
100084Lady Royale Class Cruiser 13041
F old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
101085Sage Class Frigate/Repair Ship*10042
102086Dwarfstar II Class Transport*1106
103087Quietus Class Cruiser13041
104088White Falcon Class Cruiser 12041
105089Sky Garnet Class Destroyer/Frigate*9071
106090D7a/b* Painmaker Class Cruiser1704
107091D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer967
108092Gemini Class Transport14041
109093Dwarfstar Class Transport1006
110094Brynhild Class Escort904
111Armoured Nest*1013
112095B222(b*) Destroyer867
113096Br5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat5741
115097Little Pest Class Escort756
116098Iron Slave Class Baseship/Tug*6012
117099Opal Class Torpedo Boat6711
118100Sapphire Class Space Ship*5711
119101Little Joe Class (Light*) Escort656
120102Little Pest Light Escort*556
G old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
121091D19c* Nefarious Destroyer467
122103Red Wind (Storm*) Carrier7022
123104 Sagittarius Class Transport9921
124105Br4 Class Gunship555
125106Taurus Class Scout952
126107(Fc) Armoured Ore Condenser*852
127107(Ro) Armoured Ore Condenser*852
128110Imperial Topaz Class Gunboats*655
129111Ru30 Gunboats*655
130114Ru25 Gunboats*654
131115Topaz Class Gunboats*654
132108(Fe) Eros Class Research Vessel352
133109Bohemian Class Survey Ship322
134112Outrider Class Scout/Transport*751
135113Aries Class Transport692
136116Ru25 Gunboat654
137117Topez Class Gunboat654
138118Reptile Class Destroyer/Escort*604
139119Taurus Class Transport*502
140120Watcher Class Scout472
H old rankshipmassbeamstubesbays
141121Serpent Class Escort552
142122Swift Heart Class Scout452
143123Armoured/Heavy* Transport681
144124Mig Class Scout/Transport372
145125B41(b*) Explorer354
146126Deep Space Scout304
147108(L) Eros Class Research Vessel352
148127Falcon Class Escort302
149128B200 Class Probe302
150129Small/Medium* Transport302
151130Q Tanker801
152Tantrum Liner*251
153131PI21 Probe241
154132Dungeon Class Stargate*1970
155133Super Transport Freighter160
156134Large Deep Space Freighter130
157135Chameleon Class Freighter* 121
158136Medium Deep Space Freighter60
164137Small Deep Space Freighter 30
165138Neutronic Fuel Carrier10

ThinLizzy’s original idea is simple: Give each ship the maximum weapon tech and all the racial advantages it would have in the hands of the original owner. Pit the ships against each other on both sides and then rank them, with the strongest at the top and the weakest at the bottom. If there is an absolute tie then the more “useful” ship goes on top. Repeat for every ship until you have a list. Simple, right? (Heh.) The devil is in the details.

If you find a discrepancy where you think my list is inaccurate – you might be right! Please, though, read the notes first.


I assume you will have read ThinLizzy’s methodology and comments first.

I have added and edited but much of the table above (not to mention the idea itself) are all ThinLizzy’s. I updated, polished, and made some different choices, but I did a small part of the work; this effort remains indebted to the original.

This isn’t meant to say anything about the actual combat utility of these ships in a fleet or what other value they may have. It simply ranks them according to what you can expect to happen from a one-on-one fight presuming all tech is the best. That’s all.


  1. All ships were simulated with maximum weaponry.
  2. All ships were simulated using their origin race.
  3. Advantages are those in Standard, including Fascist Fast Beams, Lizard Mass Bonus, et cetera.
  4. Simulations were done in Nu’s battle simulator with results from both sides.
  5. Ships achieved a victory if they had a higher win percentage than their opponent once stalemates of any kind were removed. Sometimes this meant a ship advanced even if it only achieved a victory rate of under 50%.
  6. There was no rounding. Higher win by even 0.5% was advanced.


The initial sorting was done by using the original list and placing new ships (or changed old ones) into it. Generally, so long as a ship kept achieving victory (defined as the higher win percentage) it kept moving up until it reached 2 ships in a row it couldn’t beat.

Importantly, note that there are anomalies in the list that stopped ships advancing in the original that I opted to let continue. My theory was that, generally, a commander wants to know what enemy warships are prey to a particular ship, and while Merlins and Neutronic Refineries are used in battle, they are so unusual (extremely heavy for their armament) that it distorted the combat ship results: The list would lead you to believe certain ships wouldn’t win against ships above the “Merlin line’ — but they would, and sometimes commandingly so.

The result of this policy creates two kinds of caveats:

  1. There are some unusual ships — particularly the Neutronic Refinery and Merlin — that are underrepresented for what they can do.
  2. There is some odd skipping behavior among hulls of the same race. Sometimes a ship couldn’t beat a single ship of its own race but could continue on against enemy hulls. For this list, accuracy against the enemy is prioritized. Against the same race, some of the ship rankings aren’t quite right.


  • Quantum Torpedoes had a distinct impact on Federation ships, but the effect was more pronounced at the lower ends of the power list. Once past a certain mass, an additional volley and the increased damage doesn’t produce as pronounced an effect.
  • I expected double beams to have more impact than they did. They made Fascist ships obviously more successful against certain carriers, but below a certain mass the contest was decided by torpedoes alone: the beams never came into play. For bigger ships torpedo damage far outstripped beam damage, again making the effect of the double beams minor.
  • I was surprised where some of the Horwasp ships fell because of their mass. The effect of clans on board adding to mass is quite profound.


Any errors are mine, and not the original author’s. If you do notice anything, please let us know and we will correct it.

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