Which Queue?

Not the one from Star Trek.

How to Find Build Queue Information in the Host Settings

When you start a game at Planets.Nu, you need to know how to identify which build queue is active. Sometimes you are given the information, sometimes not. In this article, you will find instructions on how to find these details.

Every game has a “sector page” which provides a quick summary of what to expect and a portion of the host settings. The URL often looks like this: “planets.nu/#/sector/######”. In some cases, especially those with a custom design and a human host, build queue information is not listed in this section. If this is the case, click the “Settings” link (as depicted in the screenshot below).

The Settings Link on the Sector Page

When you click on Settings, the page is expanded and you might have to scroll further down the page to find what has changed.

Scroll Down if the Information Is Not Visible

When you first click “Settings”, the page will display only a portion of the setup. After scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you find a small link to the “Detailed Host Settings”as depicted in the following screenshot.

Where to Find the Detailed Host Settings

The Detailed Host Settings gives you a long list of values. (If you want more information, many custom features are documented.) The information on the match’s build queue starts at <shiplimittype> and ends at <ppqminbuilds>. — You are looking for the items which are circled in the subsequent image.

Build Queue Information in the Detailed Host Settings
  1. <shiplimittype> Look here if you want to know if the game is set to use Planets Limit Ships. There are two types of queues: games with a global ship limit (i.e. PBP, PQ, or PPQ) and those with a personal ship limit (i.e. PLS). The value is 0 if the shipbuilding structure is global. The value is 1 if it’s personal.
  2. <productionqueue> Look here to see if your match uses Production Queue. The value shows true and the PPQ value displays as false. (These games are primarily custom designed or created prior to 2021. Note that PQ is automatically initiated when the system uses PPQ limits. – see point 3.)
  3. <planetaryproductionqueue> Look here if you want to know if Planetary Production Queue is active. The value reads true. As PPQ is an evolution of the previous Standard setup, PQ also reads true.
  4. Review all three of these settings to determine if a game is using Classic rules with the Priority Build Point queue. You will find these values: 0falsefalse.

Now that you are certain which queue is assigned to your sector, engage your engines and enjoy the show.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the journey! – TS

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