Insights In Sight – Dossier A6-T4G8

Target: White Falcon Class Cruiser

Tactical Specifications

  • RACE: The Empire of the Bird Men
  • HULL: Mass 120, Fuel 430, Cargo 140, Crew 150, Tech Level 3
  • HULL COST: MC 110, Dur 32, Tri 61, Moly 33, Tech Level Upgrades 300 MCs
  • ARMAMENT:  2 Engines, 4 Beams, 1 Launcher
  • RACIAL ENHANCEMENTS: Loki Immunity, Partial Planetary Immunity, Super Spy, Cloak & Intercept

Preamble (Talespin’s philosophy)

When it comes to the fleet of the Empire of the Birds, it greatly pains a commander to build anything but Resolutes and Dark Wings. Cloaking that costs 0 fuel is hard to pass up, making those two starships superior in almost every way.

The challenge for the Bird player is maintaining the MegaCredit production for a steady supply of these two warships. To create effective battleships and cruisers, space docks must produce fast engines, high-damage torp-launchers, sweep-worthy beams, 7+ tech-level hulls, and a steady supply of torpedoes. Without billionaire natives, this empire struggles to be relevant.

Yet – like all torp races – it is still critical that the Bird fill ship slots. Every open slot is a potential heavy carrier and bad news for an armada of torpedo vessels. Every 2 Priority Points you earn is an open gate for a brand new battlestation. Regardless of their financial circumstances, the Bird Men must build; their survival depends on it.

A Bird commander’s top priority is to build Dark Wings. If he cannot build a DW, he produces a Resolute. If he is unable to pop out a Ressie, he must create a useful ship from the rest of his “lesser” options.

General Analysis

Because it has one torpedo launcher and its hull is light, the White Falcon is a poor fighter. Due to its medium-sized cargo hold, it is less-than-adequately equipped to lay mines, ground attack, or colonize planets. In reality, it is the weaker brother of the Resolute Class Battlecruiser; however, its low-mass hull and deep fuel tank give it other options. The WF is great for towing enemy warships, intercepting freighters, scouting in deep space, and spying on the enemy. Lastly, when compared to other (non-Advanced) cloaking ships in its class, it has one of the top ranges for traveling while cloaked.

Talespin’s Deployment “Stealth Bomber”

ENGINES: Transwarp Drive

BEAMS: 4x X-ray Laser


PAYLOAD: 15 clans + 40 torpedoes

With the Stealth Bomber design, you gain a minelayer with a unique cloaked range, greater than 815 light years. Build this on Turn 1 and immediately send it out. Offer to lay minefields for the first race you encounter. Befriend the commander next door; terrorize his neighbour.

Furthermore, this ship deployment is cheap. Early raiders are often in danger of hitting mines or accidentally getting blown up. If the Stealth Bomber runs into trouble, its loss is easily recovered.

Gnerphk’s Deployment: “Rim Raider”

ENGINES: Transwarp Drive

BEAMS: 4x Disruptor


PAYLOAD: 12 torpedoes, 4 Supplies, 12 MC, 124 Colonists

Many Bird players overlook this in favor of the more heavily armed vessels — and, in fairness, there are few jobs a White Falcon can do that a Resolute can’t do better. But in the early game, when resources are tight, this vessel can neatly sneak past a neighbor’s defenses and plant colonies on their Rim. Then, when the first enemy freighter comes out, all unsuspecting, its captured cargo can be used to help fortify while the Falcon moves to the center to further disrupt your target’s logistics.

This single ship, acting alone, can cripple the expansion of a rival’s entire civilization, buying you the time to headshot your other neighbor or construct an entire squadron of Dark Wings for the conquest.

Keep your notepad ready: The next Insights In Sight will target the Taurus Class Scout.

– TS and G

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