PlanetsCon Program

It is only three weeks until PlanetsCon 2 kicks off, so this is the time to publish the preliminary program:

For those who arrive on Friday, we will be waiting for you at the Burcht, Leiden’s silly fake castle. We can be recognized by the pirate colours. In the evening, we will retire to Belgian beer cafe Olivier.

On Saturday, events will start at the Hortus Botanicus (botanical gardens) at 9 o’clock.

  • 09:00 Dazdya – opening and the story of Leiden
  • 09:30 Mentar – workshop diplomacy – introduction
  • 10:00 Thin Lizzy – Turn of the Year – entries
  • 10:45 Emork – stealing ships for non-pirates
  • 11:30 Tour of the Hortus observatory
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Mentar – diplomacy workshop
  • 14:30 Thin Lizzy – Turn of the Year
  • 15:30 Joshua – state of the Nuniverse

The events are still subject to change. The tour of the observatory is optional, and can also be used as a discussion break. Time permitting, we may also have the following:

  • Dazdya – the new Klingons
  • Smn – Capricorn update

After the events, the non-Imperial barbecue will take place. During the evening, Mentar will present the conclusion to the diplomacy workshop. Also, there will be the option to create video introductions of the attendees. And there will be nourishment.

Sunday is a day of rest, and a day for checking the hosting schedules. For those not going home yet, it is also a day to meet in the park, or a cafe. Arrangements will be made if necessary.

The current confirmed guestlist is:

Admiraldr, Coen1970, Emork the Lizard King, Frostriese, Joshua, Madinson, Mentar, Nanning, Ndek, Planetsmonger, Siggi, Smn, Spacesquad, Temaperacl and Thin Lizzy.

If you missed all the posts and rumours until now, but you still want to attend, this would be a good time to react. Send an email to, and you will receive the details of attending forthwith.

All times are given in CET, central European time. The US east coast is 6 hours behind us, the west coast 9 hours.

Your organising committee,
Dazdya and Robijntje

2 thoughts on “PlanetsCon Program

  1. One minor correction: For the diplomacy workshop, and measuring whether or not it will have had any effect, I will pass out a small questionnaire showing a couple of game situations with the information you have, and then ask a couple of multiple-choice questions what you would do.

    Then we will have the diplomacy/strategy workshop, in which I will describe a methodical approach to a proper choice of strategy, and the diplomacy tools to achieve your goals. At the end of this workshop, the same questionnaire that you filled out before will be handed out again, with a chance to reevaluate the situation and answer the questions anew. This could be done during the barbecue.

    I will then later in the night collect and evaluate the second set of questionnaire responses, and then report about the differences on sunday.


  2. Dates in the image are wrong…

    Too bad I cannot make it, would have liked to meet you all.

    PS: just got my planetsmagazine account activated, otherwise I would have responded earlier šŸ˜‰


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