The Planets.NU Commanders Map

(Archived content, not presently maintained — by SpaceSquad)

The Planets.NU Commanders Map

Planets.Nu has a great and very active community. We all like to chat and discuss about our favorite game for hours. It’s fun to do it online and meet Commanders from all over Planet Earth, it is even more fun to do it face to face. I have done it in the past, small gatherings with 3-4 other Commanders who live nearby or having a beer with a Commander who find some time during a business trip to your city.

Therefore, Planets Magazine introduces the Planets.NU Commanders Map.

We all love maps; it’s a vital part of our beloved game. So with this map you can plan your next stopover, holiday or business trip in a Planets friendly environment. Refill, trade, or simply beam up supplies with local Planets.NU commanders.

How this map works.
Log on to your Google account, add a new Marker with your Avatar name to your City and save it. No need to publish your full address, just add the Marker to your City’s Airport or Main station. Who knows – maybe you live closer to the next commander then you expect.

This map may also help to plan the PlanetsCON 2016 in NA, or at least help to choose east or west coast.

If you do not have a google account, sent me your avatar name and city/state so I can add you to the map.

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