UPDATE: Win the Turn of the Year!

Win a year of free premium membership at Planets.Nu for playing the Turn of the Year!

The PlanetsMag team is proud to announce spectacular little community prizes that will be awarded at the PlanetsCon 2015 in Leiden, Netherlands. The categories will be:

  • Turn of the Year  (one year premium membership)
  • Best new tactics
  • Ship of the Year
  • Worst Move of the Year

This is how the submission works:

  • Choose your category
  • Send us a link to the game it was played in to PlanetsMag (at) gmail.com or by using the contact form here on the Mag.
  • Please include an explanation what made this specific turn so important – and what made it spectacular
  • Deadline is August 1st 2015 24:00h CET

The nomination process:

  • Once the first deadline has passed the PlanetsMag team will check the turns that were handed in and filters the applicants.
  • The best 3 applicants will be nominated for each category, either by community decision and/or by the PlanetsMag team, depending on the number of applications.
  • Deadline is August 15th 24:00h CET

The Award:

  • Shortly before the PlanetsCon 2015 the nominees will be announced online.
  • At the PlanetsCon 2015 the nominated turns will be introduced and explained
  • The PlanetsCon participants then discuss and vote for the winners
  • After this the ‘Turn of the Year’ will be awarded publicly and the winning prize of one year of premium membership a few days later.


The Rules:

  • Each player can only submit one game per category
  • The according game must have ended.
  • Your submission should include the specific turn and a short explanation
  • The submission needs to be complete to be able to participate.


We are looking forward to your submission and

Good Luck Commander!



1 thought on “UPDATE: Win the Turn of the Year!

  1. you just want to see some spectacular turns and are to lazy to go through the games! šŸ™‚

    na just kidding. great idea. i have one for the following year. so stay tuned. (-:


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