ACTION NEWS: Rebels On The Run

This is Planets Magazine Action News, coming to you live with a special report: The Capricorn War — Conflict in Echo Cluster!

Good evening; I’m Jim Chancellite. Today in the Cyborg war zone, we have a rapidly developing situation. On the scene, reporting live from a hidden Rebel base in the area, here’s veteran correspondent Wish Keydrinker; we’ve got him on a subspace radio link. Wish, can you hear me?

WK: I can hear you, Jim.
JC: What can you tell us?
WK: We’ve been given an alert from High Command, Jim. There’s no details yet, but the whole base has been placed on emergency Privateer alert.
JC: Privateers?! But… Wish—
WK: They’re part of the Coalition; I know. Until this morning, the Cyborg War was the priority. Now, it looks like a dash for survival.
JC: A retreat?
WK: It’s a rapid evacuation, Jim. The transports are going out by the numbers, but with all the gear that’s being destroyed or left behind, you can see that there’s something seriously wrong. There’s no panic, not yet, but — Jim, some of these people are right on the edge.
JC: What about yourself, Wish? Do you have transport?
WK: I’ve got a seat on the hospital ship, Jim. They’re a designated non-combatant. Against the Borg, that wasn’t much of a guarantee, but no Cyborg ships have been sighted in this sector for weeks. Seems like the best bet.
JC: Well, good luck, Wish. Be careful out there.
WK: Thanks, Jim. Will do.

And we’ve just received — Mitt, send a copy of this out to Wish right away! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a recording of an open broadcast originating at Rebel headquarters. I’m told the quality isn’t good, but our people tell me this is the voice of reclusive leader J. Zan in person.

…And we have betrayers of the Coalition. The Privateer leader assume the Bird Men have gone against the terms of our de– Three Rush carriers have been ambushed in this raid recommend everyone prepare for attacks…

We’ll give you more on this developing story as we have information. Stay tuned to this station; we’ll be back after this word from our sponsors.

3 thoughts on “ACTION NEWS: Rebels On The Run

  1. That video…will haunt me for ages but it really helped me to understand the severity of the situation. Thanks for the great article!


  2. Delighted to be of service.

    I highly recommend that everyone everywhere watch “The Producers” in a full production. It’s hilarous, heartwarming, and provides a wonderful lesson in how to play Planets and woo little old ladies.


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