The Robotic Fleet


The Robotic Fleet relies on relatively heavy carriers and can bring tremendous amount of firepower into battle. Although it lacks a variety of torpedo ships it has one supreme minelayer to play out their advanced minelaying technology, which allows them to lay four times as many mines per used torpedo as all others. Due to that the Robots often have one of the best minefield covers in the Planets universe which is realtively dangerous for cloaking races. Combined with their firepower the Robots can become a respectable opponent that prefers straight and direct battles and hardly can be stopped once the Robotic machinery is running. Early in the game the lack of cloaker intelligence usually is compensated by the Pawn Class Baseship that has an advanced bioscanner installed, while minefield cover is provided by the famous Cat’s Paw Class Destroyer. Since their carriers are very expensive (duranium and money), the Robots usually are (relatively) vulnerable in the earlier game phases and have a hard time finding enough fuel to actually move their fleet throughout the game. Only two of the robotic battlecarriers, the Automa and the Golem Class Baseships have enough cargo space to apply the robotic ability to construct fighters in space. This is why in most cases the famous Q Tanker is used to build and transport ammunition for the robotic fleet. Should they be left in peace for long enough the Robots can become a real threat in mid- and late game.


Hull Design Engines Beams Launchers Note
Small Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 60kt cargo
Cat’s Paw Class Destroyer 2 4 2 Minelayer
Iron Slave Class Baseship 1 2 2 bays Light Carrier
Medium Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 200kt cargo
Q Tanker 2 0 1 Bay Fighter Factory
Pawn Class Baseship 2 2 2 Bioscanner
Cybernaut Class Baseship 4 3 5 Bays Medium Carrier
Large Deep Space Freighter 2 0 0 1200kt cargo
Instrumentality Class Carrier 4 4 7 Bays Carrier
Automa Class Baseship 6 4 8 Bays Heavy Carrier
Neutronic Refinery Ship 10 6 0 Makes fuel
Super Transport Freighter 4 0 0 2400kt cargo
Golem Class Baseship 8 6 10 Bays Carrier
Merlin Class Alchemy Ship 10 8 0 Makes minerals
Campaign Specials Engines Beams Launchers Note
Iron Slave Class Tug 2 1 2 Bays Towing Unit
Pawn B Class Baseship 2 2 2 Bays Bioscanner
Cybernaut B Class Baseship 3 3 5 Medium Carrier
Sage Class Repair Ship 2 4 2 Repair Ship


In Campaign Games the Robots have access to a cheap towing unit that allows them to build large carriers without high-tech engines. More economic versions of the Pawn Class Bioscanner and the Cybernaut Class can be researched to fill the middle range of ships, while the Sage Class Repair Ship allows repairs directly on the battlefield.