The Cyborg Fleet


The Cyborg fleet mainly consists of small support ships and very strong battle cubes. Due to the advanced technologies the Cyborg has access to, it produces the feared Firecloud Class Cruisers which can open wormholes between them to transport cargo and entire battlefleets at an unparalleled speed. A side effect of this technology is that the initiating Firecloud Class Cruiser has to travel along to the target Firecloud and that all ship at the end of a wormhole chunnel will have lowered shields. Most ship designs of the Cyborg serve support functions to the big cubes, while the Cyborg’s battle behavior relies on pure firepower which often is accumulated on one spot. The Cyborg’s special mission is called ‘Repair Self’ which allows to slowly repair a damaged ship in space, debris of destroyed ships is automatically collected after battle. Due to the lack of decent midsize ships the Cyborg often stays calm in the opening phase of the game and tries to avoid direct conflicts to grow strong in the mid- and late-games. If the Cyborg manages to survive the critical early phase it usually tries to get into direct ship battles, since the logistical advantage allows it to support and replace any losses faster than any other species in the Planets universe.


Hull Design Engines Beams Launchers Note
Small Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 60kt cargo
B200 Class Probe 1 2 0 Hyperjump (1)
Watcher Class Scout 1 2 0 Long range
B41 Explorer 1 4 0 Long range
Iron Slave Class Baseship 2 1 2 Bays
Medium Deep Space Freighter 1 0 0 200kt cargo
B222 Destroyer 2 7 0
Quietus Class Cruiser 2 4 1 Long range
Large Deep Space Freighter 2 0 0 1200kt cargo
Firecloud Class Cruiser 2 6 2 Chunnel
Biocide Class Carrier 6 10 10 Bays Big 5 ship
Neutronic Refinery Ship 10 6 0 Makes fuel
Super Transport Freighter 4 0 0 2400kt cargo
Annihilation Class Battleship 6 10 10 Strongest torp ship
Merlin Class Alchemy Ship 10 8 0 Makes minerals
Campaign Specials Engines Beams Launchers Note
Iron Slave Class Tug 2 1 2 Bays
B41b Explorer 1 4 0 Chunnel target
B222 Destroyer 2 7 0 Self Chunnel
Dungeon Class Stargate 10 0 0 Stargate (Chunnel)


In campaign games the Cyborg receives logistical upgrades for their existing ships. While the B41b can serve as a scout and Chunnel target, the B222 Destroyer can only chunnel itself to any ship with a chunneling ability. Especially the new Dungeon Class Stargate enhances the Cyborg’s chunnel abilities tremendously while being a vulnerable target at the same time.


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