Godzilla Class Battlecarrier

Godzilla Class Battlecarrier* can be built by the Lizard Alliance

Techlevel 10 Crew 500
Engines 4 Fuel 500
Beams 10 Cargo 250
 Bays 5 Mass 500
Special Specials:
Tidal Force Shield*: Survives up to 149% damage when fighting planets and starbases.
Emork’s Spirit Bonus*: Fights with one extra bay for every conquered and controlled homeworld planet. So it basically starts with 10/6
Can only be built at a homeworld planet and will carry the unchangeable name ‘Spirit of [homeworld]’.
Only one Godzilla Class per controlled Homeworld can be built, if a second is constructed on the linked Homeworld the first one will be self-destroyed using an old Glory Device on board.
If a Godzilla Class is destroyed, captured or traded to another race this will cause a -100 point happiness change at the homeworld that constructed it.
Any traded Godzilla class will be a simple 10/5 carrier when traded and carries no crew boni for other races.
Costs Megacredits 2500 Tritanium 250
Duranium 250 Molybdenum 250
Range* Range min¹ 540ly
Range max² 1290ly
Range¹ no fuel 1ly
Damage Mine Damage 20% PBP to build 10
Web Damage 2% PBP destroy 5
Supply repair** 50%
Campaign Games Campaign Advantage  15 points
Campaign Versions
Comment The Godzilla Class Battlecarrier is the new flagship of the Lizard’s fleet, allowing the Lizard Alliance to destroy starbases in the late game. Due to its powerful nature is is very expensive to construct, there can only be one per controlled Homeworld in each Lizard fleet and it carries several limitations and special features which are partly limited to the Lizard Alliance as an owner race. Since its name is defined by its origin, each constructed Godzilla Class will tell anyone who sees it where it came from.

* Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 nonstop flight.
¹ Full cargo and fuel tank, cloaked if available
² Empty cargo and full fuel tank
³ Empty cargo and fuel at minimum
** Max % that can be repaired if fully loaded with supplies (1% = 5kt supplies)

5 thoughts on “Godzilla Class Battlecarrier

  1. OK; one clarification question: What happens if I (suicidally) trade my Gojira to a friend, build a spare, and then get my friend to trade the first one back? Which, if either, blows up?


  2. For the readers:
    * The image shows the Godzilla when it is on the right side of the VCR, so the standard picture is flipped vertically .
    * The description needs a few corrections. We’ll do it after the organisators of the fantastic PlanetsCon got some sleep.


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