PlanetsCon – Only one day to go

Dear readers and guests, participants and web users

The preparation for the PlanetsCon 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany is in full progress:
First presentations have been handed in, participants are sending in their arrival dates, technology and conference room are being made ready and the ID passes are in production for this first-of-its-kind event. Not only the list of participants, but also the topics and announcements we will speak about are looking very promising and slowly the tension rises.

Due to the global nature of the game we have decided to stream selected talks live into the web and also allow web visitors to interact with the participants at the PlanetsCon.
This is how it works:

Livestreams: All selected (not all) talks that will be streamed will be announced in the next 24 hours via the PlanetsCon’s Google+ Page (link) and here at the PlanetsMagazine.

MiniWebCon: During normal discussion times we will open a Google+ Hangout that will not be broadcasted. This basically is a 10-person video (and chaos) call that allows registered web users to interact with each other and the live participants who have the desire to do speak to you.
To take part in the MiniWebCon you need to apply for the PlanetsCon community at Google+ (link) that we can invite you into the video call. You can not participate in the MiniWebCon if we don’t have your Google contact!

Checklist – Before dialing into the MiniWebCon:


  • Preparations:

  • The PlanetsCon and the MiniWebCon are strict live events.
  • Register at the G+ Community to get invited.
  • Have a webcam and a headset ready for your computer or internet device.
  • When registered the community, write a small note at the PlanetsCon G+ site with your Avatar name that we can identify you as a Planets player.
  • Make a small card with your Avatar name that people can recognize you during the call.
  • When the invitation comes:

  • Switch off all videos, music or sound generating software on your computer.
  • Switch off your speakers and use your headset (important!).
  • Check your webcam and microphone before joining.
  • Place the name card where people can read it.
  • Look up the link for the call.
  • Join and discuss!
  • Important: If you have technical problems, please leave the call, solve it and come back.
  • This is an experimental set-up that is meant as a goodie for people who are too far away to come in person, so don’t cry if anything goes wrong or if you suddenly are kicked out.

Good Luck, Commanders

We are looking forward to meeting you there!




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