Planets CON 2014 News Update!

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Things are getting busy here in Frankfurt as there are only a few hours left before we will start the Planets CON 2014. Last week Joshua himself came all the way from Canada to inspect the preparations. (Food and beer are officially approved now!) He brought us a big box of secrets and surprises that we will open on August 30th.



Friday August 29th.

As you land in Frankfurt you need to register your ship here: Schiffsmeldestelle
Starting 20:00, we will leave the Hotel around 19:30 and transfer together.

Saturday August 30th:

09:00 – Official Opening / Organization
09:30 – Presentation: The Saggitarius War revisited
11:00 – Presentation: Homeworlds & Early Game Map Analysis
12:00 — Lunch break / meet & greet
14:00 – Presentation: Unleashing the Glory Fleet
15:00 — Discussion: PBP, 2xBeams and actual topics
17:00 – Secret session 1 : Rise of Godzilla!
18:00 — State of the Nuniverse address by Galactic Senate spokesman Joshua
19:00 – Imperial BBQ

Sunday August 31st:

Morning Diplomacy, Ghipsoidal Brunch, Hanging out

As usual, there will be plenty of  time for diplomacy between the sessions.
See you in Frankfurt soon.

6 thoughts on “Planets CON 2014 News Update!

  1. so the Lizards’ new ship is introduced Saturday 16:00 local time? Cloaking Godzilla-class super carrier? Madonzilla class with more expensive hull and decloak abilities?

    But on more serious side, are any of these events, i mostly mean presentations, streamed for wider audience?

    And games, if you play fast games are they open for public or only for participants?


  2. You guys are great! After putting on my own VGAP get-together decades ago, I know how this can be a pain to organize. Thanks for all your hard work! Although I can’t be there, I am looking forward to a year of discussion about the one day of action! In a few years I will retire and then I plan on attending all the fun each time something like thisn pops up! No pictures of drunk commanders… but detailed descriptions expected !!!!!!! Stay away from the spiced Klag!
    ………oooooooohhhh….. standing on my tail awaiting for the new Lizard ship……..


  3. On second thought….. I would LOVE for the commaders to set aside thier sabers and take a group picture at some point in the Con. Many of us would like to put an ugly mug beside the name we so often see. Pleeeeeease…. with chocolate covered crickets on top……


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