ACTION NEWS: Vicksburg Falls

This is a Planets Magazine Action News Update, coming to you live with a special report: The Capricorn War — Conflict in Echo Cluster!

Hello, I’m Jim Chancellite. We’ve received confirmation today that the Robot stronghold of Spaceball has indeed fallen to Federation troops. With more on this story, here’s Ace Reporter Pat Patterson, from deep inside Robot space. Pat?

PP: Thanks, Jim. Things are tense here at Robot headquarters, just minutes after the Imperious Leader made a startling announcement to Coalition leaders in conference deep within the bowels of this fortified base. I’m told we have a recording… and here it is, folks: the words of the Imperious Leader of the Robots.

[recording] Click. Clickita-click-click. WHEEEEE-Dong! EEE-Dong-EEE-Dong-EEE-Dong hisshhshshshshshssh…

PP: [talking over the noise] Or… uh… it seems what we have is a modem handshake… [aside] Turn it off! Off!

[recording] Hshshsshhhsshhssshhh EEEDong! EEEDing! Hhshhshshshhhhhh… [silence]

PP: Ahhh; that’s better. Ahem. So fortunately, we have a print copy; the text of the message reads, “Members of the Coali—

[recording] Members of the Coalition: It is with internal circuit tensions analogous to deep regret that I announce to you that, yesterday, our great stronghold at Planet Spaceball fell to an attack from overwhelming Federation force. Vessels of our highly efficient assault fleet were engaged in the defense of the base, damaging enemy ships and depleting their fighter reserves. One enemy Cube ship was indeed destroyed, but the remainder of the massive enemy fleet pressed on and annihilated our fortress. Many unique and valuable manufactured intelligences ceased to function as a result of this attack, but we take comfort in the knowledge that many enemy fighter craft were deleted. We anticipate a brief cessation of enemy movement while they rearm and resupply. Frontier planets have been armed and readied to face the enemy juggernaut and we are confident that the enemy will pay a heavy price for their planetary gains.

PP: And there you have it: the words of the Imperious Leader. Other Coalition spokesmen were asked for comment, but the only—

[recording] Click. ClickitaClickClick. Click. [dialtone]

PP: [sigh] THE ONLY RESPONSE — CAN YOU TURN THAT OFF PLEASE? — THE ONLY RESPONSE — Ahh; much better. The only response was from a local Rebel commander, speaking on condition of anonymity, who said, quote, “Hoo, dawgie! ‘S like Vicksburg all over again! I tell you what; we goan whip them Yankee FedBorg fer this! Here; hold mah beer.” There’s been no word from the Coalition council, who are reportedly meeting in a marathon session to discuss plans for a counterattack.

JC: Pat — has there been any information on which members of the Coalition are involved in the planning?

PP: There’s representatives from the Rebels, the Lizards, and the Colonies moving around. I’m told the local Fascist commander was injured in an explosion not long ago — he’ll be fine; just bruised and a little deaf — and that memos have been received from Bird Man and Privateer representatives, but neither has been seen entering or leaving the conference room. Crystalline webs are currently being used to secure that level of the fortress, however, and we’re unable to get confirmation. We’ll keep trying, though.

JC: Thanks, Pat. After the break, we’re expecting an announcement from Cioccutus of Cyborg on the border situation, so stay tuned. This is Planets Magazine Action News.

4 thoughts on “ACTION NEWS: Vicksburg Falls

  1. Hi Gnerphk 😉

    Thanks for your updates! However – would you feel very betrayed if I pointed out that honestly – as someone without inside knowledge of Capricorn – I find it near impossible to follow what’s really happening?

    I have a recollection that Borg and Fed were cooperating. I remember that Priv and Bird were cooperating. That’s it. What would be useful for the uninitiated observer would be:

    1) What are the opposing power blocks and their respective sizes?
    2) What are the strategic developments? Who is souring with whom and strike new deals?
    3) Who is growing or shrinking?

    Without this kind of context it’s really difficult to follow.


  2. Hey Mentar,

    Just a quick note – the game is essentially static now. Borg & Fed control some 15-20 Biocides and over a third of the next hundred starbases that can build. Essentially if Ted can force a big fleet battle now he will win the game. Basically everyone else opposes them but can’t really fight them due to their good position with the regular builds lined up. So there is a lot of slow slow slow development.


  3. With respect to m’colleague, there’s some disagreement regarding high strategy in-game. Generally, he’s correct; he and I disagree on certain specifics.

    Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to say that the FedBorg stand alone against the rest of us — and are doing surprisingly well. My own numeric strength is artificially inflated, but the others have some real power.

    It’s hardly surprising that, with this level of ability, the players each come with a fair share of ego. What IS surprising is the way that many of us have been willing to set aside our petty differences and work together. We’re still having some difficulty with communication, but our coalition seems to be getting along quite well — again, all things considered.

    There are two major defects in this, however, which are proving ruinous. And beyond that, I cannot go; to reveal more would be to sabotage my own team, and there are limits to how far I’ll go in the name of news.


  4. I’d say that ability strength trumps fleet strenght easily. Locutus does really well against Loki-immun cloakers, rob, RGA, webs and all that without space mines. Super logistics are the only extraordinary weapon he has. Fed Bios are powerful but can be overcome with an acceptable PBP-result if you can arrange the battle. Ted shows great spirit to continue being aggressive – and being successful. From Gnerphk’s intimations I conclude that the big alliance has the one or other communication or commitment problem. That’s quite realistic. If Ted continues growing these problems will shrink, if Ted starts shrinking these problem will grow. From my outside point of view the game looks absolutly undecided. Great job! Thumbs up to all supreme commanders involved for their endurance.


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