PlanetsCON Update

(Archived content — by SpaceSquad)

Dear PlanetsCon Commanders,

With light speed we are approaching planet Earth were the 2014 Planets CON will be held!

Let me share some more landing instructions with you and update you about our plans:

  1. I would like to ask if someone will fly in cloaked, or if we can publish the list of attendees (Nickname) on the Mag and on the Nu forum. I would like the Nuniverse to know that we have a great line up. If you fly in cloaked, let me know until Friday July 11th so that I can swap your name with your rank (e.g. ‘Emperor Emork’ to cloaked ‘Emperor’ 😛 )
  2. I would like you to send me the starmap of your most exiting running game. Preferable a game you expect to talk about during the CON a lot. A game with other Commanders in who join the CON as well. We will create an offline version for the BBQ . Please send in the map from turn 1, connections on. Invert the colors (white background) and remove your homeworld location.  If you face problems with that, sent us the map as it is and we will try to do it for you. (We can’t do it for all of you, sorry)
  3. For those of you who want to hold a talk at the CON, we have 4 free slots open. Just let us know the topic you want to talk about for 20min in English. A beamer + Laptop is available. First come first serve, its your change to share and discuss your dirtiest tricks!

Those I already talked to will have their time anyway. (Mentar, Thin, Emork, smn). I will announce the detailed schedule soon.

Have a nice trip, arrive here save, there are no webs around so far.



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