DIE HARD 8 Completed: Cold space never been so hot, dead space never so alive!

(written by Anaconda)
DIE HARD 8 was done last night! Winners come from cold north, cold like space it self.
Really, it was snowing today here in Finland. No matter I was sleeping like a dead after twelve hour night shift, the small ice balls drumming the roof in the middle of the day woke me up from my coma. Now I know how they got Schumacher up, too! Congratulations to ISO–T and OHO for winning the eighth episode of Die Hard series! It is reliefing to see the Germans are not winning every single game in Planets NU.

Here’s the outcome of DH8:
1. Iso–T (Crystals, allied victory)
2. Oho (Rebels, allied victory)
3. John88 (Federation)
4. Wedge1971 (Evil Empire)
5. Scoty2beam (Lost Colonies)
6. Julius (Robots)
. . .
So far the eighth seems to have been the most painful episode in the series’ history. Lots of droppers and even few dissapointing replacements, such as my self, who made no difference what so ever. Iso–t promised to write a round-up, so keep an eye on it, we all might learn something (well, maybe not the Germans). THE DIE HARD SERIES IS–notheless–DOING GREAT! We have lots of excellent episodes underway, and two new ones starting shortly!
After Die Hard 8 the series had made significant progress. While episode 9 got 3 droppers so far, episodes X and 11 are running strong with the original crew. That is absolutely something, I tell you. Way to go, guys and gals! The episode X may even be over soon, depending on if Pureblood and Wmerkel will sign an alliance. But they might just want to shoot it out, after all. And thats how it should be. We are not here to make friends, we are here to kill each other(‘s races)! However, two older episodes are not gonna end soon. Monster Six turned 101 last night, and the very first race was just killed off (Fascists). The other one is even more monstrous. Die Hard 3 seems to be a long and bloody conflict, just like the civil war at Cybertron. The episode is already 112 turns old, and just one player has been completely wiped out so far.
Two all-new episodes are coming up. The roster for Die Hard 12 is almost full, and starts right away when all races are filled up. Here is your change to play dead serious game–dead like space it self! And even more importantly, it is your change to achieve a DH veteran status, because the grand master Big Beefer is now recruiting for the first-ever Die Hard Veterans game! If you are one, look up your ranking at the Die Hard game page and sign your name into BB’s roll!

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