Blitz Tournament 0029 reaches finals!

(written by ChallengeSpaceYard, AKA CSY)

Last October, there were 22 participants in Blitz Tournament 0029. Fast forward six and a half months worth of destruction and smack talking, and this tournament has officially reached the finals!

This round represent the best of the challengers so far, and they will be required to beat a best of 7 games before claiming the grand prize: Three shiny months of premium membership proudly provided by the Planets Nu team! Now I would like to introduce our two finalists.

In the red corner, we have the veteran player JoeSnoffy. He has been honing his skills behind and scenes, and is ready to test his mettle against his final opponent. In the blue corner, we have the supreme commander of two races, Emork the Lizard King. He is a masterful player, and his skills will also be put to the final test.

Nonetheless, even though the rest of the players have been eliminated, two semi-finalists, Ted and Azzazzello, still have one last chance to earn something from this tournament.

Spectators and past players may have a detailed look at the bracket and history. Good luck to the remaining players!

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