PlanetsCon 2014 – Official Invitation


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Finally we got all the details fixed and are ready to start the registration. Register now and be part of the PlanetsCon 2014 experience!

PlanetsCON is a privately organized event, from Planets players for Planets players. We try to provide an enjoyable platform to talk about your true vocation. To suit your personal plans (travel timing & accommodation) we have included only the minimal required costs in the PlanetsCon participation fee, everything else is up to your individual choice. The conference room, wifi, and all technical rents are included, as well as snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea the whole day. And of course the Imperial BBQ where you will find steaks, bratwurst, beer, salads and everything else needed to suit even the hungriest interplanetary diplomat. There will be enough to eat, drink and talk the whole night for all of us.

The PlanetsCON 2014 in Frankfurt will be held at the Goethe Hotel Frankfurt.

All participants are requested to book thier accommodation directly with the desired hotel. We have arranged special rates at the Goethe Hotel for you. Just mention “PlanetsCon” at your registration and you will get the following rates:

  • 75€ Single bed room
  • 95€ Double bed room (~47,50 p.p.)
  • 115€ 3 bed room (~38,50 p.p.)

All costs are per room and night, breakfast included.
There are other hotels available that may offer slightly cheaper rates, but the Goethe is in walking distance to the Imperial BBQ location and of course the Convention Hotel.

The PlanetsCon participation fee is at 45€. It covers the conference room, snacks, drinks and food at the Imperial BBQ and all the organizational stuff around the PlanetsCon. Not included is your accommodation, the lunch on saturday (if desired, delivery service available) and the Ghipsoidal Brunch on sunday. We hope that many of you can join the brunch (18,90€) but understand if it may not suit everyones travel schedule.

The PlanetsCon is about us players, so everyone can do what he or she likes. The agenda below is a rough frame, there will be plenty of room to meet other players, discuss your turns, make face-to-face interstellar politics or adress questions to those that might know the answer. We will have a soft start on friday and will pick up those who are already at the hotel around 18:00. Those who arrive later than 20:00 can join us directly at the Biergarten (location tba).

Friday 29th of August 2014:
18:00  Arrivals at the Goethe Hotel Frankfurt  (
20:00  Biergarten Meet-Up and Opening (exact location tba)

Saturday 30th of August:
09:00  Meet and Greet, organization staff, WiFi setup.
10:00  Opening Speech by the reigning Emperor
10:00  NIMM No-Ingame-Messages-Melee
12:00 Networking & Lunch (not in the participation fee)
14:00 Talks: Expert Techniques in Planets:
Spotting homeworlds in the first turns
Advanced Minefield Techniques
Applied Queue Control
(more to come)
18:00  ‘State of the Nuniverse’ address by Joshua
19:00  Imperial BBQ
00:00  Midnight Beer

Sunday 31st of August:
09:00  Open conference room / open discussion
10:00  Show Blitz Battle Royale
(12:00  Check-out time at the Goethe Hotel)
13:00  Ghipsoidal Brunch in Frankfurt City (not in the participation fee)
( ,18,90€ p.p.)
15:00  City Walk, Sightseeing
16:00  Museums-Ufer Riverside Festival
23:00  Riverside Fireworks

 Next steps:
Officially register here (or top left of the page) and submit your details. After we have made a brief check you will receive an email with the bank details to transfer the PlanetsCon participation fee (45€). Book your travel and accomondation and advertise the event to all your friends and foes.

If you have any questions just post them below.

We are looking forward to see you in Frankfurt (Planet Earth) !

8 thoughts on “PlanetsCon 2014 – Official Invitation

  1. Hi,

    I registered and when hitting I was redirected to the starting page of the mag to sign in. I don’t know if I sucessfully registered. Did I?


  2. your registration came through, thanks for testing – i will look again at the autoresponder. space is doing the further details manually, so give him a sec 😉


  3. Hmm… the online booking form for Hotel Goethe doesn’t seem to accept “PlanetsCon” as booking code for reduced rates (it says “does not exist”). Not that I’d really need the rebate, but since you negotiated better rates for us, you might want to look into this!


  4. Hi! Is there a place where we could see who’s coming? It would be nice knowing if we are going to meet allies, foes, friends, famous people 😉 etc.



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